Thursday, September 25, 2008

School, school, & school

Today we didn't have anywhere to go so we just did school. There are times when I just crave staying home and just doing what we need to around home. During the school yr that day is on Wed. Reason being is Sun is church and we spend all morning getting ready since church starts at 1 and ends at 4(ask me why). Then Mon we spend the morning getting read to head to the library and once we're done we pick up lunch and then home. Some Mon we do errands afterwards. Then comes busy Tues. Journal and math get done, then the 2 girls and I head to dd S's art class while ds R stays home and continues school. Once dd S is done we head home to eat lunch then back for ds R and dd N's art and gym class. After they are done it's home to drop off ds R for shower and the girls and I get dh from work. Once we're home we eat dinner and then leave to church classes for the kids. They last usually 1 hr or so. By the time we get home it's about 9pm and we're all ready for bed. WHEW!! So that's why when Wed gets here, we're ready for it. lol

So reporting on Wed is pretty easy. We stayed home and did school lol. Dh had his conference call and then left for work. We got our morning devotional started and then school. Ds R has been having problems with his math lately, so he's been trying to find ways of remembering how some of the problems are done. I'm hoping he can figure this out because right now everytime I check his work he's gotten 15 out of 22 wrong. A lot of his problem is not reading the whole problem he's given, but some of it he just can't remember the steps. I keep hoping and praying he'll figure it out or something will have to be done. I mention getting him a tutor, but to him that means he's dumb. I told him it ABSOLUTELY do NOT mean that, but to him it does.

Anyway, we finish with our morning studies and then lunch. I told the kids that later on we would be playing the states game again. This is something I made up to help the kids, but especially ds R know where the states are. Dd N knows where most of them are since she plays online games finding them. Ds R resists this and now he has a hard time finding them. So since we've started this game, he's improving. What we do is, I have a stack of cards with the names of the states on them and basic info about each state. I choose a state for each child to find and then they get to read some info off the card. Even dd S(4) does this game pretty good. I give her a hint as to what letter it starts with and she then proceeds to find it.

Then I had them watch some histeria that dh downloaded on the old computer. Unfortunately we weren't able to watch much of it since what ds R found wasn't the downloaded copy. Will have to ask dh about. By this time it's 2:30 and the kids just want to play so I excuse them all with thank yous for doing well.

Around 4:30 I get a call from dh that he's still at work and it doesn't look like he'll be home anytime soon. He's on call so that's one reason he's still there. I just tell him to keep me updated and then let him go. I proceed to get dinner plans ready. Kids are playing still and mostly being good. I tell them to head outside soon since it gets dark sooner and I want them to get the exercise and fresh air.

We soon have dinner and shortly after dh calls to say he's still there. He sounds tired, but he tries not to complain since several others have been there since 2 a.m. that previous morning. We hang up and play more. I eventually realize that I need to start folding laundry. Not one of my favorite things to do simply because once I'm upstairs doing this the kids aren't always behaving OR they're in my room bugging me. This time they were helping to put away clothes as I folded them so that helped.

We soon head downstairs since I'm tired of laundry and dd S is climbing all over me. I kick them all outside one last time. Ds R and dd S run around the chalk drawn race track. Dd N goes and sits on the swings. She loves swinging and dd S and ds R love to climb. So glad we got this swingset. We had originally wanted this and then found another one cheaper (can't find it now) but when we went back to the store just to see, this one was on sale so we snatched it. It took ds R and dh 7 days to build simply because it was done after work each day. Would have taken just one day if done on a Sat.

So now it's 7pm and we're all inside. Ds R on the computer and the girls watching signing videos. I'm between the computer and watching with the girls. Around 8 I figure I'd better get in there and keep them settled. 8:30 comes and dh calls. Dd N wants to answer so I say sure. She's getting brave about these things. It's dad and he's coming home. I talk for a few min then hang up. He'll be home just in time for prayer and he was. He's very glad to be home and has dinner asap. He apparently didn't get any lunch so he's starving. I feel bad for him when this happens. He just gets stuck on a problem and is unable to leave. Usually he has snack items at his desk, but for whatever reason he didn't this time. ::sigh::

Night night.


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