Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just another Monday

You know, it just dawned on me that whoever might be reading this is somewhat confused as to how I'm posting things. At the top of the post there is a date, but the day I'm posting about is the day before. If you had already figured this out then wonderful. If not, I blog about my day the day after it happens. Although I just had a thought that maybe I should post about how I think my day might go as well. I'll have to see about that one. I don't always have time for more than what I'm already doing.

Anyway, it's Tues morning that I'm writing about what happened Monday. I guess I could write about Monday on Monday evening, but time doesn't always allow me to do this. So back to Mon morning. Normal morning routine other than dd S decides she wants to get up somewhat early, so around 6:30 she's up. Now, normally I don't mind her doing this, but on Mon and Tues when I need the car, it would be nice to shower before I take dh to work. But since she's woken up now I'll just have to wait till later. Thankfully we're not in a rush.

As I'm taking dh to work, we drive downtown and notice that thankfully the road construction is almost done. It's been since early April that they started. Now I shoudn't complain since the road before was littered in potholes from our winter storms later winter. But it will be nice when it's completed.

Once dh is delivered we head home. Oh I have dd N with me since when I went up to get dressed I noticed she moved and looked up at me. I invited her to join me and she was all for that. She's really at this stage in her life where she's literally growing up, but still wants to do little girl stuff. So, at times, she acts like her age of 12 and other times she doesn't. I think her younger sister(age 4) likes that.

Once home we get breakfast going and then soon start our morning devotional. Time now to get our books and videos ready for the library. Last week we had gone to Green Bay on Mon so we'd taken our books and such Sunday evening. Then when we went to the library last week it didn't take all that long. Even yesterday with still having to do the books, it went pretty well.

So off to the library and such. Once done we came home and had our lunch. Then went outside to clean out the wading pool. Since we're all done for the season with it, it's time to put it away till next yr. I asked ds R to take the hose and hose it down. Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting the air out first before cleaning it. Made it a challenge to clean but we did it. Now it's hanging from our old swingset drying.

Time to pick up dh so I tell ds R that he can stay home, but he needs to watch dd S. He's in agreement so dd N and I head out. Traffic downtown is getting pretty backed up due to them spreading the last layer of tar down. The part of the road we travel is very nice and smooth so it's worth it.

We arrive home and find dd S and Ds R outside waiting for us. Tonight is a fend night(basically called that since everyone finds their own dinner, but you probably already guessed that). So the rest of the afternoon and evening were spent being mostly outside to help dd S go to sleep better. It worked.

You know, I like the fact that the kids go to bed earlier, but I don't necessarily like the idea of the day getting dark sooner. If it were to get dark only around 7, then that would be fine, but it gets dark around 5 and I like the light, plain and simple. Oh well, makes it worth while to see the season change back next spring.

Dd S still has remains of her cold and is still coughing so I give her some medicine around 6:30. By 7:30 she's struggling with the sleepy stuff and trying to stay awake. She manages to do so until almost 9 and then as she lays in bed wanting me to stay for a bit, I tell her I will but she has to close her eyes. I would have to say that within a min she was asleep. I tiptoe out and she's still sleeping. Thank goodness! I put dd N to bed around 9:30 with an alert to ds R that reading time is over at 10. He's a bit confused as to why so early since I used to let them stay up till 10. I told him that I was allowing lateness due to summer. Now it's time to do things early in the morning so sleep is needed earlier. He's satisfied.

Now quiet time for dh. Especially since this week he's on call. Some weeks are very quiet and some weeks ..... well they are not. Let's hope for a quiet one.


ps. I've decided I'm going to start leaving a thought of the day after each of my posts. We'll see how successful I am. I'll start this morning. These aren't my thoughts, just something I get in my emails each morning.

"The eye sees only what the
mind is prepared to comprehend."

-Robertson Davies
Novelist and playwright
Bits and Pieces June 2008

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