Friday, August 22, 2008


not really sure what to title this one, so I'll just let it go for now by helping start my sentence. Yesterday dh did his conference call from home. No biggie since it was over around 8. Had just enough time to wake up oldest dd N with the help of youngest dd S. As we were waking her dh whistled up that he was leaving so that got dd N up without me having to wait.

Started our morning routine(after breakfast)with the devotional and then decided to shower. Ds R was going to be working on his eagle report getting it situtated so he can show it to his scout master. So all morning he was getting it presentable. The girls were playing nicely with their toys and with ds doing his stuff, I just got lazy and we did no school or at least no structured school. Ds R was still doing some and the girls were using their imaginations so we did learn something.

Around lunchtime we stopped what we were doing and ate. I called my friend, who would be taking me to a meeting that night, to make sure she was still on. Then had lunch and let the girls go outside and play. trying to get all of dd S's wiggles out so she'll sleep again at night like she did last night. After a bit I had ds R take a break and go outside as well. Pretty soon they were running around the house again.

Eventually I remembered that I needed to do laundry and so I had the kids sort through their stuff and help take baskets downstairs. Got it started and then the dishes. Eventually dh arrived home and I got dinner ready. Nothing fancy like last night. Last night I made my newest creation but unfortunately didn't get it done in time before dh had to leave for a meeting so tonight I had made something a bit simpler for dh. We had warmed up ham with side dish leftovers. Nothing fancy but the kids love it. The dish I made yesterday is rolled biscuits in a can flattened out and small pieces of cooked chicken with cheese was put in the middle after smashing it out. Then cook for 9 min or until it's just a golden brown. Yummy when eaten warm. Ds loved them.

Around 6:30 went upstairs to let dh know I was leaving with my friend. He told me the kids and himself were probably going to go to Sam's Club and to write a list. I did, and then left. We arrived pretty early but Iike doing that versus getting there right on time and having nowhere to sit. The meeting was good, but a bit long. They had a brother who teaches seminary and public school who wrote a book on the presidents of the U.S. come speak to us. The theme of our meeting was "going back to school". The sisters who were in charge had asked for school photos of long ago for a project they were working on so I emailed mine in. What they did with them was stick them on a board, and see if we could figure out who everyone was. Pretty interesting.

Then we had "lunchtime" served in the "cafeteria" before classes started. I didn't read the card well that they handed out or I wouldn't have eaten dinner. They were serving dinner there and it looked yummy but I was stuffed from dinner already. I did manage to swallow some fruit cocktail but that was all. We were then assigned which classes to go to, but the 2 sisters I was sitting with decided to "skip" those classes so I joined them. We just chatted then around 8:30 decided to head home. Dh was probably going nuts with the kids or at least with dd S. I called to let them know I was heading home

Once home I found dd S playing fishy with one of her sewing toys. After I said hi to everyone and talked a bit about the nights events, we had prayer and then got the kids ready for bed. I retold dd S that again I would do all the things we normally did for bedtime and then sit in the hallway while she went to bed. This night she didn't seem to want to sleep, so after about 10 min I told her I was going downstairs and would see her in the morning. She eventually fell asleep but it was after 10 because I put dd N to bed around 10 and dd S was still awake. But at least she had stayed in her room so that was good.

Now quiet time for dh and I.


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