Thursday, August 21, 2008

Late start, busy day

This morning when I got up was normal. Did my blogging and then woke up ds R so he could be awake when dh and I left to take dh to work. Well, dh comes down once showered and dressed and informs me he's going to take his 7:45 call at home. No problem since usually those only take 10 to 15 min. This call took 45 min so we didn't leave at the regular time. Around 8 I decide to wake up dd N since dh is still in the middle of his call. I have been leaving both girls at home with ds R since dd N is usually hard to wake up and in the process I usually end up waking dd S. Thankfully this morning dd N was easy to wake up since all I had to say to her was "do you want to come with while I take dad to work". She immediately sat up lol.

Once dd N came down I told her to watch a bit of cartoon while we waited for dh to finish. We ended up not leaving until 8:45 which meant I didn't get home until almost 9(stopped for some stamps). That meant we didn't start school until 10. Basically it was a domino affect. Our devotionals started at 10, we ended at 10:40, I showered and ended at 11:00 and we needed to do some birthday shopping for dd S' friends party for this Sat, so around 11:15 we all piled into the car having done no school work. Got the gift and headed home with the kids commenting about being hungry. They convinced mom(didn't need much convincing lol) to stop off at McD's for french fries and drinks. Then home and had a bit more lunch.

Around 1:15 the girls and I left for the park leaving instructions for ds R to finish his eagle report and get it presentable. We arrived at the park and found 2 other new moms plus a regular mom there already. We ended up with 6 or 7 moms at the park. The regular mom is moving the end of Aug and will be missed. They are moving to AZ. It was really nice to meet some of the new moms who have recently joined the group. I think it's interesting how over 4yrs ago my family and I joined the group as a young family with kids ages 10 ds, 7 dd, and 5 month dd. The group was newly formed a yr or two earlier so young families which is what we needed. Now 6yrs later and 4 yrs later for us, my family has grown age wise(and physical wise with ds and dd N getting waaaay tall) and a new batch of moms with young children coming in. Amazing how life does that. So we get a fresh brew of younguns.

Just before leaving the park I call ds R to see how his report is. He complains that I didn't have my phone turned on, but I did. Unfortunately, my phone only vibrates and unless I'm holding it, I won't know it's ringing. I asked him what the issues was and he said he needed me to stop off at the store to pick up a new binder. I asked him why since we already had 4 or 5 from when we first started homeschooling and weren't using those anymore. He said he couldn't get the top paper out of the front so he could add his eagle report. I told him I would help him once I got home.

We arrived home and I immediately was able to take most of the papers out. The only one left was the one in the spine which he eventually managed to get out at bedtime. In the meantime, the girls are playing while we wait to pick up dh from work. Eventually we do and head home. Dh has a church meeting at 6:30 so I'm hoping the dinner plans I have make it in time. Unfortunately they don't and dh ends up having cereal instead. I feel bad since he was tired and hungry. Next time I will plan some of the dinner ahead of time should he have this meeting again.

After dinner dh left for his meeting and the kids and I went outside. I was trying to wear out dd S so she would go to sleep easy this night. I had ds R and dd N outside having her run around the house, literally, 40 or 50 times. Then they ran and climbed around the swingset. Ds R and dd N did a great job. Dh came home a bit later and was watching the kids play for a bit then headed inside. Still tired but feeling a bit better. I watered the garden which consists of beans, tomatoes, some now wilted lettuce and some tired looking squash which finally produced one squash. I'm hoping it will continue to do well since it's still growing. Last yr we had one or two but they rotted before it was time to pick. We've had luck this yr with beans, lettuce and finally tomatoes. Overall considering that we planted the garden about a month and a half late, we did pretty good.

Bedtime came and go ready. I sat dd S down to explain to her that tonight I was going to do all the same stuff with her, brush her teeth, potty, read, listen to her pray, but then after I tucked her in I was going to head out in the hallway and sit instead of cuddling with her. Dh and I have decided that she's definitely way old enough to go to sleep on her own. With how her bed is situated, she's able to look up through her head board and see me sitting there. Thankfully she was tired from all the running and feel to sleep pretty good. Eventually the older 2 went to bed as well.

Quiet time for dh and I.


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