Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday and the busy weekend

Fri was a normal day except we didn't do any formal school work. Ds R needed to get his report done so after our devotional, he got started right away. While I showered the girls played nicely. Nothing too exciting happened.

Sat was the start of the busy day. I got up and showered somewhat early, at least for a Sat. I was going to be going out with my df D to do some shopping for our annual block party. So I got the girls up around 8 so that they would have time to wake up before mom left for the morning. A bit after 9 she pulled up in the driveway and I left. We headed to the Dollar store first.

Actually found lots of things. I even got a few things for dd S for school. We then headed for Target to see what was there. Not a whole lot more, but I did manage to find a few more things there, again for dd S. Found a set of plastic cups that dh might like so I called to ask him. They were out and about searching for dd S's cake.

Arrived home knowing that they were gone. Kind of a weird feeling having the house to myself for a bit. After 30 min they arrived home having found a cake for dd N and ordered it from Sam's Club. We then got dd S showered and ready for her first birthday party. It was a princess and balerina party so she was dressed as a princess. She was so excited and a bit nervous. There were only 5 girls invited, but several had a few siblings which were there also so it meant lots of kids.

We arrived at the party right on time and just in front of another guest. They had treasure chests for the girls to decorate while they waited on the other guests so that's what dd S did for a bit. She did a great job. Once all the guests showed up, we then went into the family room to learn some dance steps from a young man who was learning dance. He did a great job, but I think after 30 min of just quiet dance steps and not really knowing some of the people, dd S started looking bored. So thankfully they moved on to cake and ice cream.

After the cake and ice cream they opened gifts and boy the confusion at one point. Thing did eventually settle down. Once the gifts were done they did a pinata'. They had the kids line up smallest to tallest(with birthday girl in the front, of course). Each child was allowed one swing and the older siblings were also allowed in. Lots of good hits, but no one even cracked the pinata'. So they let the kids line up one more time and this time they were allowed 3 hits. Dd S cracked it good on her 3rd hit which spilt some candy. The mom then popped it open the rest of the way. I dove in to help dd S because she was over whelmed with all the kids around her. Even some of the older kids gave her some candy.

Once that was over with we needed to head home. One of dh's co-workers was having a party at her home that afternoon so we needed to get going for that. Dd S and I arrived at home around 2:30 and after a brief explanation of what happened, headed upstairs to get ready. We left shortly after arriving at the party around 3. It was slow going at first. A lot of sun in the backyard so we did the best we could to find shade. Dh grabbed our chairs and we found some spots to sit. After the introductions were made, we all just kind of sat around. After a bit the hostess invited the girls to join her dd and another girl playing her room with dolls. Dh joined them for a bit so that dd S wouldn't feel too over whelmed considering she'd already been to one noisy event.

After a bit of chatting and mostly listening to the other guests chat, dh finally came back outside to join us. We again just sat around chatting. I had dh get our drinks since it was getting really warm. Eventually they started serving small refreshments while we were chatting. Yummy stuff. Eventually some of the kids wanted to go swimming, so my girls also wanted to go. I had ds R go in with Dd S since she still needed assistance. She was only in the water for about 20 min before she wanted out. She told me ds R wasn't holding her the right way and so she was tired.

Eventually we needed to get dd N out since most of the kids were already out and we were waiting on dinner. Then dinner was served and it was good. The rest of the evening was just more chatter and since the other guests were drinking alcoholic drinks they were starting to get a bit giggly and silly, although not too bad. Finally around 8:30pm we all started gathering our chairs and such to head home. Said our thank you's and goodbyes to the hostess and left. Dd S was singing away the whole way home. I kept hoping she would fall asleep, but I think overall she's past that stage.

Sun morning came and it was time to get started on church preparations. Dh and ds also had some hometeaching to do. Finally time to head to church. Overall nothing too exciting except we did have a family who did a special music number and they did great. After church we were invited to attend a seminary meeting on this coming new yr for seminary. I wasn't able to attend last yrs due to my last calling, but apparently not much else had changed from last yr. So afterwards we left for home. Had dinner and the girls then played for awhile. Dh and ds R had another home teaching to do.

Finally it was time to put kids to bed and have quiet time to ourselves. I had forgotten, however, that we still needed to decorate the house. So dh started blowing up balloons and I started putting up decorations. I was going to do a flyer, but just wasn't in the mood so ended up doing decorations. We then headed to bed. Tomorrow will be a long but good day.


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