Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starting school again..

or at least trying. I told the kids on Mon that on Tues we would be doing school work for the morning starting on Tues. They were agreeable. So once I got them up and going, we started. The devotional went well, but once I went to hit the showers they all started arguing. Amazing how everything can fall apart even with simple instructions or having a stubborn 4 yr who wants to play lol.

So I'm in the shower with instructions to get school stuff done. Within 5 min of hopping in ds R comes in with crying dd S. Come to find out she's bugging him while he's trying to do his work. After several more interruptions I finally got them all settled. Of course my shower wasn't as quiet as planned, but hey things never seem to be as you want them. So after I get out and dressed I check on the kids. The girls are sitting on the couch with dd N reading to dd S. I check on ds R and he's just finishing his journal. Not sure why it took so long but at least he's doing it.

Got the girls to stop reading so we could introduce dd N to her new math book for the yr. It's the first book that ds R used when we first started Saxon. She's excited. I get dd S to start using her workbook while I get dd N understanding her stuff. A bit of a rough start, but that's to be expected at first. Dd N likes her new math book but quickly gets frustrated(which is normal for her) and I tell her to just sit and take a break. She finally settles and does well. Ds R does only half his math lesson, but he did get interrupted and did listen to another math lesson just for review.

Lunch time comes and they are happy. We did pretty good considering. Hoping Wed will be even better. The rest of the day is just getting housework done. The dishes are almost caught up. Some of the rooms are a bit cluttered. I have ds R send his Eagle report to his dad so it can hopefully continue.

The rest of the afternoon is spent with ds R outside with dd S getting her to play on the new swingset and run around the house, literally. He's having her do all kinds of silly things and she's having a blast. He gets her running and puffing which is good. It means nighttime is usually a quieter time because she's tired.

Evening time comes and dh is home. I get dinner ready and kids fed. Dh is too tired to eat so he just rests. 6:30 comes and him and ds R are out the door for youth activities. The girls and I are on our own for 2 hrs. I go outside and eat my dinner while the girls are playing. I love my patio furniture. So nice to eat outside and have a place to put my stuff. The girls are busy playing and I'm relaxing. While eating I'm waiting for my baby brother to call me. I'm trying to convince him to convince his wife that they need to get a laptop computer. He wants one but apparently she's not being cooperative. In the meantime of waiting for his call, the girls and I go for a walk/bike ride. Dd S has a new bike with training wheels and now that she knows how to use them I like to go around the block to get her energy out.

Around 8:15 we head inside. I get the girls settled on snacks and a video. My brother finally calls and we chat. Turns out he tells me there is a computer at work he can use to receive email. So probably sometime this week, he's going to go to the library and set up an acct so he can receive emails. I'm excited since it's hard for me to use the phone with my girls always needing my attention when on calls. Once I hang up, dd N tells me that dh and ds R are back from church. No problem. So we say prayer and get ready for bed. It's been a good day.


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