Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just another day

Mon was just like any other Mon. Drove dh to work while the kids stayed home. Ds R watches them and since I couldn't wake up dd N I just let her sleep. We left about 10 min earlier than we normally do so I was able to arrive home earlier than normal. Dd S was just waking up when I arrived. Woke up dd N who was still snoozing. I'm guessing I'm going to have to put the kids to bed much earlier. I've been very lax this summer, but now that we're starting up again, it's been hard getting them up. Even ds R has been sleeping in and he's my early bird who wakes at 5:30 and 6 most mornings. Seminary is going to be very interesting if getting him up at 7 and 8 are hard.

The rest of the morning were the normal stuff. Devotional, getting books ready and then leaving. We actually left on time, or at least the time I want to leave, so that was nice. As we were going about or normal routine, ds R came up and told me friends from church were here. Yep, one of the newer families was there bringing back and taking home books. We exchanged greetings and she went about her business.

Eventually we found all that we wanted and were headed home. Picked up our lunch and came home. The girls were excited the evening because they were going to help our neighbor friend and me pass out the flyers for the block party. I told them it wouldn't be until that evening so go play. Both girls played for a bit, then I had ds R watch dd S while I took dd N to Walmart. We were out of a few things and they were needed. Plus dd S's thongs got broken by me (long story) so I needed to replace them.

Arrived back hom and hung out outside for a bit. Eventually headed out to pick up dh from work. Came home and just hung out again. Just not much happening. After a bit it was time to head out with my friend to pass out the flyers. The girls were excited, although it turns out they just wanted to come and watch while I passed them out and then eventually my friend's boys did the rest. We ended up chatting with several neighbors(to be expected) and after starting out at 6:45 we arrived back home around 8:15. Dh was still upstairs snoozing but heard the girls come in chattering.

I had the girls watch a video while drinking their nightly chocolate milk. Then getting ready for bed. Pretty much same ole' same ole'. But sometimes the regular routine is nice to get back to.


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