Thursday, August 14, 2008

To have the car or go to the park or not

Ok, so the title is a bit goofy, but I couldn't think of anything else and I didn't want another boring one lol. Besides, it's pretty much what happened on Wed. We woke up to a wet driveway, so it made me wonder if I should take the care or not since the only reason I would have need it is for going to the park. If it has rained or will rain more, there's no sense going to the park. So I quickly turned on the computers and then check the weather radar. Some spots but not clear enough to see if it's headed our way and when. So I just decided to go ahead and take the car.

I take dh to work and head home. We're a bit on the late side, but since ds R no longer has to do the library stuff, it doesn't matter if I get home by 8:30 or a bit after. I arrive home around 8:30 to see ds R holding youngest dd S with still a sleepy face. ahh I roll the window down and say "hi" to her. She smiles. I park the car and come in. She gives me a wonderful good morning hug and then wants to watch Clifford. Off she goes. I head up to wake up dd N who lately has been having a hard time getting up. I told her the other day that come Sept she's going to bed much earlier so I don't this problem. Especially if I'm going to be wanting to start at 8:30 most morning(when I don't have the car).

Once everyone is up, we start the devotional. It gets a bit crazy but we manage. Then everyone gets busy with their morning school stuff. I'm actually able to shower without any interruptions. Once I get out I see that the girls are actually reading and ds R is mostly doing his math. He seems to be struggling with a concept, but doesn't want any help. If it continues I may have to ask someone because he's not finishing his math lessons. And when he does, he leaves those questions blank which mean about 40 to 50% of the lesson is wrong.

Once I come downstairs I have dd S continue reading and start helping dd N with her math. She's using big brother's first math book and slowly gaining confidence. Still gets a bit frustrated, but that's nothing new. After a bit, dd S wants to do her work book with us so she gets it and then demands mom pay attention to her only. After a few words to her of being nice, we continue with our lessons. I think dd N and I would have gotten more math done if I hadn't had to keep concentrating on dd S. It seemed she was in the mood to goof and and play which is fine since she's only 4. But dd N is almost 12 and needs to get her school work done. Hopefully today (Thurs) we can do better. Still trying to juggle things and figure out a schedule.

Lunchtime comes and everyone is happy. They're doing their best with school work, but are always glad for the end. I start looking at the map for directions to the park we're headed to. It looks pretty easy just 2 turns and it's on a street I'm somewhat familiar with. So it comes time to head out and we start driving. It's a bit farther than I thought, but not bad. Then I reach the top of a hill and realize the street stops due to construction. Oh wonderful. So I find a place to turn around and we head back telling dd N that if the other route is also closed, we'll just have to wait till next park day. She's understanding but not happy. We head home and check the other route. Not knowing the exact spot the construction is at, we see that the other route will also work, so I think. So we head back into the car and off we go only to find out that this is the street that matched the other one at the same mark at the construction site. I'm not sure I just made sense, but essentially this was the cross road that we saw from the first direction. So I'm trying to tell the girls we'll call ds R and see what else there is. We park into a parking lot and ask ds for some help. Not working, so we head home. By this time it's only giving us an hr at the park maybe, so I'm not sure we'll go even if we do find a route. Once home I see there is another way, but by the time we get there we'll only have 45 min and then head home. Just not feeling up to driving another route and this one I'm not familiar with. So I tell dd N that it's just not working. She's disappointed, but takes it well.

The rest of the afternoon is cleaning up some garbage mess that's been in bags next to our back door since last May possibly. It's grass clippings that the city won't take. So, after talking with neighbors, I decide to shovel some of the clippings in regular garbage. This may not be the best way, but I figure I pay enough taxes on this stuff that they're going to take it.

Now it's time to pick up dh. As we arrive home dh sees that one whole bag is gone. He's a bit skeptical, but I assure him the clippings are mingled in between garbage. So he's ok. I think fix dinner and get ready to leave shortly. I have visiting teaching to do and dh has a meeting at the house. This means that ds R and dd N are watching dd S for a short while. They all do very well. After I get back home I see the kids outside in the drizzling rain trying to catch rain. At least they're being good for dad. Dh's meeting soon ends and we end up outside showing the guys our new swingset in the backyard. The guys are impressed with the work. They then leave and I head in to eat dinner. Dh comes in shortly to warm up his dinner. A bit later the kids are asking if they can watch a short movie(1 hr 15 min) before bedtime. I tell them sure. This means I get to the computer a bit sooner since dd S is also watching.

After a bit dd S is getting a bit bored. I think she just needs mom to cuddle with. We watch the end of the movie, but it's definitely getting late. Bedtime routine again and dd S goes to bed without too much problem. She still hates going to sleep, but the tiredness over comes her. Finally a quiet evening.


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