Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some time alone, then the work begins

Well the title somewhat explains our day on Mon. Lately, on the days I take the car, we've been leaving dd S home with ds R because it's easier not to wake her then to wake her and have her grumpy the rest of the day. It started about 2 months ago when were watching a friends' son for a few nights and we realized that we didn't have room in the car for him as well. So we decided to leave both boys home and since dd S was still sleeping, we'd leave her home to sleep as well. Then one morning dd N had had a rough night with an ear infection so I let her sleep in while I took dh to work. It has kind of gone from there.

So most mornings, now, when I need the car, dh and I just go by ourselves. It's kind of a 15 to 20 min ride with no interruptions should we decide to chat or whatever. It was nice yesterday since I was curious about a co-worker of dh. He told me all about her and what her job was. Thankfully I've never been jealous of his co-workers because most of them have been female. And most have been very nice when being introduced to me.

Once I dropped him off at work, I headed home in silence. I was somewhat tempted to turn on the country station since my kids aren't really thrilled with that stuff, but it felt so good to have quiet in the car that I just left it off. It was nice to have some time to myself to just think and relax. Don't get me wrong, I dearly love my children and the thought of sending them to a public building for strangers to mold and teach just scares the bajeebes out of me, (if there's such a word). In my more niave days I did and now see the difference of what I'm doing versus what they did. I will say my oldest and I were lucky in that he was truly taught good things.

However, my dd N when in early childhood had a teacher who was full of herself and treated me with disrespect. So even though there are times when I want to send my kids packing out the door, it would only be for them to sit on the porch and cool off while I cool off and think. I believe most of my homeschool friends would agree and understand.

Well, once I got home and walked into the door, I was greeted by my ds R while at his computer. Looked at the couch and no dd S. Very surprised at this. However, as I continued my entrance into the school room there was my oldest dd N at the computer. Apparently she had woken up and come down just as we were headed down the road. She likes to go with dh and I while I take him to work, but lately it's been too hard to wake her and I don't want to disturb dd S while she's sleeping, so it's just been easier to let her sleep and just go. So finding her awake AND finding out she had woken up at 7:30 was a surprise. She was upset at first but later glad since she was able to have computer time with out dd S bugging her. Now she knows how I feel during the day lol.

A few min after I greeted dd N, dd S arrived from upstairs with a smile. She grabbed her chocolate milk and we cuddled on the couch for her to drink it. Then took her into the frontroom where her and dd N watched a bit of Curious George and Clifford. Yes, dd N is almost 12, but this is a time for her and her sister to relax together and have what they're watching be a good clean show. Not many of those on anymore, even on PBS.

After a bit we got our morning started with a devotional. About half way through, the phone rings. It's my Relief Society Pres calling me. I had made 2 phone calls earlier that morning about my companion needing a ride home that afternoon after getting a procedure done. I had explained that I was able to take her, but due to the time she needed to be brought home, I would be unable. So we chatted for a min then continued on with our morning. After a bit, I explained to my girls what I would be doing that morning for a bit. I was hoping I could just go and pick my friend up on my own, but of course dd N wanted to accompany me. After a morning of her throwing fit after fit on other things and then throwing a crying fit as I'm trying to leave, I finally caved and told her she could come. But she wasn't going to get her normal lunch for that day. She agreed. So I picked up my friend and her ds and dropped them off at the hospital.
Got back home and continued with our morning ritual of getting ready for the library. We actually left around the time I wanted to. Not sure how that happened, but very glad.

Once there my ds R and dd S went off to find adventure and books while dd N and I returned the books and videos. Once we got upstairs, dd S and ds R came up to me and informed me that one of dd S's friends from art class was in the library and said hi. She coudn't remember the name, but knew the face. So after a bit I went in and saw who it was. I had seen her a few times, but coudn't remember her name either. So after re-introducing ourselves we chatted for a bit. Very nice mom and it will be nice for dd S to have a familiar face when she walks into her class in a few weeks.

Once we were done at the library, we headed to pick up lunch and then home. I reminded dd N that she wasn't allowed to get her normal lunch and she remembered. She was ok with it and that was good. We then headed home for the afternoon. After lunch I tried to get ds R to continue working on his Eagle project, but he said he was too tired and promised that tomorrow(Tues)after his math that he would, so I'm holding him to his promise. He's soooo close to finishing it, that it's driving me and several of his church leaders bonkers. His scout master has told him that until he finishes it, he will refuse to shake his hand. I told ds I need to email him and tell him good for you. lol

Eventually it was time to pick up dh from work. As he got into the car, he let out a big sigh. I asked him if he was ok. He said big problems that he might be getting involved with later on that night, but for now was out of it. So we headed home for the afternoon.

Once home the girls realized their show "Cyberchase" was on so they headed to the frontroom to watch. Then they had dinner and headed out to play on the swingset. I needed dd S to get out and get some exercise since Sunday night putting her to bed took 45 min compared to 15 min. lately. I highly encouraged the 2 girls to go out and even made ds R head out for a bit. He needs the excercise since he spendds most of his time in front of the comuter.

Well as the evening progressed, dh was getting calls from work. So it looked like family home evening wouldn't happen. Around the time that it was starting to get dark outside, I had the girls come in and asked dh if he was clear for a bit. He was so we all headed into the frontroom for a quick FHE. I asked dh if dd S could help read. So she was able to read the first paragraph. I think she was happy when she finished. Lots of words and mostly ones she could read, but lots of reading. It just meant that the rest of the lesson she was quietly playing with some puzzles while the rest of us read.

Right afterwards dh gets another call so we timed that well. The rest of the evening was dh off and on calls. Bedtime came and kids mostly cooperated. Dd S just doesn't like bedtime. She wants to be going and going. I've told her many times that her body can only do so much then it needs to rest. She eventually settles. One thing that becomes part of dd S's routine is saying goodnight to daddy with a a hug. He was busy this night, but promised to come up later and give one. True to his word he came up and listened while dd S was reading to me. Then hugs came. Another nightly routine we do is prayers with the girls. Ds R tells me he does it on his own, so I don't push him. But the girls need some encourgement. As we knelt down to begin, I told dd N that a prayer isnt' a memorized talk, it's words that come from your heart. I tell her this because she's afraid of what to say so she's always asking me to help. Well this night she said 99% of the prayer on her own. Boy was she excited. lol Even dd S wanted to do her own so we were doing well. Dd N was so excited she was beaming. Hopefully this will help in saying prayers at other times.

The rest of the evening was dh occassionally getting calls but mostly quiet. Finally our time of the evening.


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