Monday, August 18, 2008

The weekend

Not much exciting happened over the weekend, just regular stuff. Fri was just another Fri with dd N doing extra well on her math. She actually managed to do the whole lesson instead of just one sheet. Ds R, however, has been having some issues with his. I'm hoping we can figure something out since we spent almost $200 on his math curriculum. He likes this curriculum, but just having problems remembering all the steps to a particular problem.

After math I had dd N finish up her Faith in God book so she could hand it in Sun. Then we had lunch and played afterward. Ds R helped me out with my website a bit. I've been trying to update it, but hard to do when ds R doesn't feel like doing it. That's the main reason I was so hesistant at the beginning to have him do it. Anyway, I ended outside a lot during the afternoon, which was fine. But every once in awhile I needed assistance watching dd S while I did chores. Neither older sibling was wanting to help much. I finally got them to assist after chiding them.

That evening my neighbor, Dawn, who is in charge of the block party was supposed to call and we'd walk down to the alderman's house to hand in the official request for the block party. She never called but as we walked/rode bikes around the block I could see their lights out and the car was gone. So I figured they were gone for the evening.

Sat morning came and dh reminded me to shower somewhat early so I could be ready to go shopping with Dawn for the kids' gifts. So I did, but she didn't call at the designed time so I just went about my business of watching dd S outside. Eventually she did call to let me know they didn't get home until after 9 the night before. After some chatting we decided to try next Sat morning for the shopping and if she got done with her errands that morning we'd go over to the Alderman's. She called and we went. He wasn't home, but we had a nice chat about churches and other stuff.

Eventually walked back home in time to go out for lunch. Yes, my favorite thing to do on Sat so I don't have to cook or have a messy kitchen. As we were finishing lunch dd N's thong broke so I had to assit her to the car. So we decided to head back to the house since she needed shoes to do grocery shopping. We headed back to Walmart and found some cute ones for her then headed to the grocery store. Dh was headed toward a very bad backache and was considering just heading home after Walmart. I think it was because dd S was following him all over and due to his back bother him, it was annoying him. So after some discussion I said I would do the shopping after we dropped dh off at home. Of course dh decides that as long as dd S doesn't hover around him, he'll be fine.

After the shopping we head home to relax. The girls head outside to play for the remainder of the evening. Then time to get ready for church and bedtime. Dd S is not thrilled but gives in eventually with the thought of chocolate milk. lol

Sunday was normal stuff. We get ready for church and head out. Church was regular stuff. But I enjoy being there. I love the spirit that I get when attending and the friendships I have. After meetings, dd N walks in with dd S telling me she's had her interivew with bishop since she's turning 12 soon. Ok, I didn't think that would happen until later or after she turned 12. Oh well, she did good. We then handed in her Faith in God pamplet to the primary president and probably next Sun she will be acknowledged by the bishop that she has accomplished it. She will now be in young women's in 2 weeks. I think she's excited, but very nervous.

We head home and eat dinner. Dh and ds R have hometeaching to do so they head off. The girls and I are just doing our stuff. I do end up calling my friend who didn't show up at church. She tells me she had a family outing she was invited to(her family is not members) and she felt she needed to attend. I agree, but I hope it doesn't happen often on Sun. Dh arrived home around the time that she calls back. He's not happy with her, but I can't turn my back on her. I could go on, but I won't. She basically called me back to ask if I could help her get a ride to the hospital to get a procedure done in regards to her kidney stones. She's been told not to drive afterwards so why take a car in the first place. I'm going to try and arrange to have someone else pick her up since the time she has asked is the time I have been leaving to pick up dh from work. I'm hoping her visiting teacher will be able to.

The rest of the evening is me keeping dd S occupied since dd N is busy watching her show and ds R is doing his computer stuff. Putting her to bed was a long evening since she really hadn't done much. After 45 min of using various unsucessful ways, she finally settled to sleep. Dh wondered where I was. Then bedtime.


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