Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just a Tues

Well, just like the title says, just another Tues. The only thing different was dh took a call from home before he left at 8:30. Then he was gone to work. Ds R didn't get up for a bit, so I finally woke up him around 7:30. Dd S woke up around the same time so she had her drink and then cuddled back to sleep again. Dd N slept until 8 when I woke her. She's a hard one to wake up. I'm thinking once we start back full time for school stuff that she's going to go to bed a bit earlier. We'll see what happens.

So Tues we start our day at 9, then ds R decides that instead of math, he's going to work on his eagle report. Since that's something I've been after him for a bit to do, I agreed. So with instructions to the girls I head upstairs to shower. Once I'm done, I see the girls are doing well. Ds R is having a hard time figuring out something on his report. He's not sure how much further to go on a particular part so he's switched to another part, the photos of his project. I kid him that he really didn't do much. But he tells me he's emailed his scout master and is awaiting a reply. I told him that woudn't come until tonight since his scout master works. Pretty much he got what he could get done(not a whole lot) and then helped watch dd S while dd N and I worked on her math. She's doing well and is finally getting some of her math. I'm hoping that by the time we start full time she will be able to do 2 lessons a week on Wed and Thurs.

Lunch time comes and dd S wants to play. I tell her that after everyone has their lunch she can get either brother or sister to go out side. Eventually I get all 3 kids outside playing. They don't seem to be doing much outside but talking. That's not what is going to get dd S to sleep well tonight. She needs to be running around playing. Guess we'll have to see about that later today.
Later in the afternoon I realize I need to get some chores done, but not feeling up to it. Thankfully, I listened to the spirit that kept at me and finally got up. Both bathrooms were looking(and smelling) pretty bad and needed some help. Normally when dd S takes a bath I clean it, but lately she's been wanting showers so I can't do it then. So I got them done, and then folded and put away clothes. 2 major things. Also baked some cookies for dd N to take to her last Faith in God class. Luckily she did because no one else had brought any. She was thrilled that she had.

Dh arrived home around 5:30 and relaxed with the girls for a bit while they watched their show. Got dinner going and eaten. Slowly got the kids ready to head to our various classes at church. Ds had scouts, dd N had her Faith in God, dh had a meeting with another brother and dd S and I had our signing class. So all were busy. We left to get there around 6:40. Arrived just in time. All the kids scampered off while dd S and I sat on the couch to wait for our ladies to come. Eventually they arrived.

The class went ok, but lots of interruptions. We do our class on the couch in the foyer since one of the ladies needs a couch like chair to sit on so anytime someone walked in (which seemed like a lot) we got interrupted. We did manage to review for her the abc's, color and a few other signs. She's really a sweet sister, just very forgetful. But overall we had fun. Although dd S was very wiggly and didn't want to sit still. Kept wanting to bug mommy by whispering in my ear or climbing on my chair. Guess that was because she didn't get enough of the wiggles out during the day. Thankfully we did get a bit done so that was good.

While we were at the church, ds was seen talking with his scout master about what he needs to do. YES! I'm even willing to forgo his math today if he will JUST GET IT DONE! His scout master was smiling at me(I had sent him an email telling him I'm glad he was also on ds R case) and talking with ds. He's 97% done with the report.

Finally it was time to head home, but dd S was being a straight up stinker and not minding. She finally settled once we got home(which meant a long drive). Said prayers then read a bit then prayers for the girls and bedtime. Dd S was just not ready so we ended up spending 30 min trying to get her to sleep. She just wasn't tired. Finally got her out and went downstairs only to have dd N tell me she's ready. Finally all the kids in bed. SIGH! Quiet time.


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