Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sad goodbye to our friends

Yesterday we had the car so we could go to park day. And this particular park day was being considered a sad goodbye to some friends of ours. So let me start at the beginning.

Took dh to work early which meant I got home early. However, our little city is hosting a Harley Davidson weekend so the streets were littered with bikes, cops cars and party places. It was fun driving home. As I arrived home I see ds R coming outside with dd S still asleep. He said he thought I wanted him to make sure she woke up somewhat early so she would sleep that night. I told him thanks for being thoughtful, but she could sleep a bit more.

As I'm getting ready for the morning, I tell ds R that we'll start out morning around 9:30 since dd N came in late last night and I'm going to let her sleep until 9. So eventually we start our moning. I tell all the kids that after the devotional is over and I shower, we're headed to Walmart to pick up some things. I was going to also bake some cookies when we got back, but looking at the time I realized we wouldn't have time to do that and eat lunch, so I bought some packages of cookies to take with us. We wanted to take a treat for everyone so we could have a goodbye celebration for our friends.

Once we get home, I have the kids get their lunch, then the girls and I head out to the park. Once we get there we discover there are already 6 moms there. This is great! Normally in the past we've had 3 to 5 moms show up. Lots of these are some new moms that just recently joined the group. We let the kids play and we just chat with some interruptions from the kids. We then decide we need to get some photos of the kids and the family. So off and on some of us moms are up and about getting some photos of some of the kids.

When it was time to go home, we had all the kids that wanted to, sit down by the playground and pose for some pictures. We wanted to have this memory. I think if they are able to come next Wed, I will try and get one of their family. We will miss them.

As I'm heading home, I'm seeing that I will just arrive at home in time to pick up ds R and head to dh's work to pick him up. So at 4pm I call from my cell phone telling him where I am. I then call ds R to let him know dad might call. Funny, just as we arrive and head to the door, dh calls. He's ready so we get ourselves ready and head out the door again, this time with ds R. As we're picking him up he tells us he has a call to make when he gets home and some work to do.

We get home, he heads to his work station and I start making dinner. The kids go play for a bit until I call them. After dinner they play some more. Dd S wants to go outside and play so I convince dd N to go out and play with chalk. They both go out but eventually want me out with them. So we all head out. While out there, I'm trying to get dd S to get some energy out so she will sleep tonight. She pretty much just says she doesn't want to do much other than the chalk. She does agree after we're done with the chalk to go for a ride around the block on bikes. So we do that and then inside.

It's now close to 9 pm and time to get kids ready for bed. Dd S does pretty good but still doesn't really want to go. Eventually after several hugs and kisses she's down. I also manage to get the other two to bed. At this time dh is still doing work stuff. He says he might be there for a bit. However, as I'm done online I ask if he's going to be up all night. He makes a few phone calls and finds he is able to head to bed. So dh and me time.


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