Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dd N's first young women activity

Tues evening was dd N's first activity in the young women's and boy was she excited. Let's start from the beginning of the day first.

Woke up with ds R already on the computer since 5:30. That used to be normal, but lately he's been sleeping in so I guess he's growing up as well. Not sure I like that. I like having him be up early so I don't have to. OH well, got to deal with life. So anyway, I'm online doing my journal and realize that time has gone by and I need to get off so dh can have on for a bit before work. He comes down, has breakfast and then leaves for work.

Later that morning we're having our devotional and getting started for the day. I tell the kids that one of our homeschool moms is having a FREE garage sale and I'm going to try and go if I can find a ride. I do so after the devotional, I go up and shower. Eventually my friend shows and dd N and I go. Ds R and dd S stay home. I'm learning you just don't take a 4 yr to garage sales. So we get there and 90% of the stuff is gone and it's only 11am. We're told a few min later that a family of 6 kids showed up at 9am in a van and just loaded the van up with whatever they could carry. So most of the good stuff was gone. I did manage to find a couple of small items, but nothing exciting. Did visit with another friend while there. Eventually I realized we needed to get home, and besides we would see these friends at park day on Wed.

Arrived home and found ds R and dd N outside waiting for us. Dd S was pretty good girl, so that's good. We all had lunch, then since both older kids were going to be leaving that evening for their church activities, I encouraged them both to play with youngest dd since she wouldn't see them until either tomorrow(Wed) or that evening at bedtime.

Did some housework and other stuff. Eventually it was time to get the kids ready to leave. Had ds R shower while dd N played for a bit. Then encouraged ds R to eat since they wouldn't be eating on their activity. After a bit we heard the doorbell ring. All puzzled looks since it wasn't time for anyone to be picked up yet. Turns out ds R's ride was there early. The father of one of ds R's friends was picking him up, but the friend forgot to call ds. Oh well, guess that's normal. So ds R leaves a bit early but that's ok.

Now it's 5 pm and dd N needs to get ready. She's really excited about this activity. After she's showered and such, she's ready to go. Her ride ended up being about 15 min late, but they have the same car situation that we do, only one car so she had to pic up her dh, then drop him off with her kids before coming to get dd N. So they left around 5:45 for the evening. Just before she showed up, dh drove up in the driveway and a few seconds later dd N's ride came.

Once they were gone, it was just dd S, dh and I. We went inside to dd S could greet daddy. I did a couple of quick chores and then watched the two of them build with legos for a bit. That last 20 to 30 min and then dd wanted to go upstairs and play tent. That's a game where they tie her sheets up to the top bunk bed and have a tent covering the bottom bed. But unfortunately, their room was a bit messy and dh wouldn't be able to move anywhere so I suggested a walk.

Eventually dh even said let's go for a walk, so all 3 of us went. The chat was uneventful until we walked up the driveway and saw our neighbor coming home from work. Chatted with her for 20 or so min then she excused herself to go eat and relax. Dh and I walked into the backyard after I mentioned there was an animal hole in the backyard. So we went to inspect it. We then inspected our dry garden and watered it more.

Eventually dh went inside for dinner and I encouraged dd S to draw with chalk. So we did that for awhile until it got dark. Then inside for a snack and video. Eventually ds R arrived home from his activity. He said it was ok, but nothing exciting. Oh well, that's how things have been with him lately. Guess he's going through a boring phase in life. He did chat and tell me all the things the guys have been doing lately and I'm glad he hasn't been invited to any of their hangouts. Apparently they have been getting into things and got caught by the police. Luckily they didn't get arrested but were warned about their naughty behavior. But apparently the parents were notified and so all the boys have been given punishment of some kind or another.

So now we're sitting on the couch waiting on dd N when the phone rings. It's her asking us if she can stay a bit longer. Dh answers and says yes. So around 9pm it's time to put dd S to bed. So I get her ready and then head downstairs. She's getting really easy now to put to bed since I don't have to sit in her room and wait till she falls asleep. I just give he a hug and kiss and then leave. Now she has no one to play with or talk to so she gives in to sleep.

Eventually ds R heads to bed as well. He says he will try and stay awake until dd N gets home. So while he's reading and listening to his music, I head to the computer and surf around. Finally 10:15 arrives and I mention to dh I might want to call. Just then a van pulls up and it's them. She heads out of the van and runs towards me. I brace myself because she's coming full force. lol I give her a hug and thank for adul leaders for giving her a ride. We chat for a bit then say goodbyes. She chats with me for a bit longer before heading to bed exhausted. More info tomorrow. So now all 3 kids are in bed and quiet time for dh and I.


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