Friday, August 8, 2008

Park day and other stuff

Today I have 2 days to report on. Dh took Thurs off, so I slept in and didn't have time to do journal for Wed.

Wed morning comes and I can't wake up dd N, so once again dh and I head for work just on our own. Ds R watches the girls. Arrive home and wake up dd N for the day. Today is park day and she loves going to the park. We were going to do our normal day of school, but dh asked a favor if we could reorganize the wood for the swingset, so we'll just do the devotional and let the kids loose on the wood. I get my shower, then straighten up my frontroom. I have my visiting teachers coming.

My company comes and we chat for a bit. They then give me my lesson and they head home. I'm glad my new visiting teachers are nice. Well, I knew they were, but the one sister has always been a bit aloof, but is coming around. I visit teach her mom.

After they left, dd N and I head up to the store to pick up her pottery from her party. There's construction that slows us down just a bit, but soon we're back on the road. Pick up pottery and 2 min later we're headed back home. Eat lunch and then get ready for the park. We're all just gettng there so that's good. I give out the pottery to the girls that attended. They all tell dd N that they had a good time. Their host was a very nice young man who joked a lot with them.

Time runs fast and soon it's time to head home. Call Ds R to let him know we're headed home. Arrive at home and start cleaning out the car. Dh has asked me to do this since he's helping take the youth down to do baptisms on Thurs. At one point I stop and call dh about picking him up. He's not ready yet, so back outside I go with instructions to the kids and coming out and getting me. I continue with cleaning out the car. Soon dd N comes out stating dh is ready. So off we go to get him.

We get home and I prepare dinner. While I'm doing this, dh and ds are out working on the swingset. It's looking good. I announce that dinner is ready when they are. Dh lets ds eat quickly and then head back out. The girls are anxious to watch again as well. So after dinner we head out. While out there, I pull the car out and proceed to continue cleaning. The girls offer off and on help. Eventually the car is clean so it gets put back.

Dh and ds R make good progress on the swingset. While they continue with it, I take the girls on a bike ride around the block. They seem wanting to do something. Eventually its time to head in for the evening. I settle dd S down and get a video on. Eventually bedtime.

Thurs morning arrives and we're all sleeping in to a degree. I slept in an hr later. Got up due to dd S wanting her morning chocolate milk. Came downstairs to get it. Dh also has his morning conference call even though he's off today. So he's taking his call while I snuggle with dd S. She eventually falls back to sleep and I and dh have a quiet morning.

Finally time to get the kids up (9am) so I start waking up dd S to help me wake the others up. Ds R was just getting up when we came upstairs. Dd N had a bit of a harder time waking but eventually did. After a bit all the kids were up and eating breakfast. Around 9:30 dh and ds R were outside building once again on the swingset. They now have the 2 towers and are now attaching the pole that has the swings on it. Both girls are anxious to try them out.

Time sure flies past because soon it's time to get lunch. Dh is taking us out. We then do some errands and head home. Dh and ds R are getting ready to head out to do baptisms for the dead with the other youth. They head out around 4 and leave the girls and I home alone. That's ok, we end up taking a bike ride, swinging and drawing with chalk. Eventually it's time to head in and settle. The guys won't be home until 11pm or after, but I need to put dd S to bed on time, regardless. I let dd N stay up to wait. They get home around 11:20pm. Time for bed.


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