Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A good day

Today we started back to doing half day school work. We did mostly good. Little bit of trouble with dd N not wanting to do all that I asked, but ds R and dd S did so that balanced it out. I told them I just wanted school work till noon, then they would be on their own.

So yesterday the kids slept later than normal, although not too late. But as I was typing online I turn towards the doorway to see ds R holding dd S with tears in her eyes. Apparently she was calling for me but I didn't hear. Luckily ds R did and brought her down. We then cuddled. Pretty soon it was time to wake up dd N so she would have time to watch something before we started our morning. Proceeded to get dd N up and then downstairs. We eventually started out morning and things went pretty well.

After lunch I had asked ds R to work on his Eagle Report for 1 hr. He did ok, but not sure exactly what he was doing. He said editing so I said fine. We all spent most of the afternoon just relaxing. It was too hot and muggy outside to do anything, and the girls didn't want to go in the pool. Funny how that would be something I would have wanted to do on a day like this. Oh well, they seem to want friends over before doing that. Well, this Sat they will. Some friends who live in Madison are coming to visit after visiting the zoo. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Later on close to early evening I'm in the kitchen when I see dh pull in the driveway early. I'm guessing he wants to get an early start on the swingset. He comes in, greets everyone, then heads upstairs to rest for a bit. Pretty soon dinner is ready so we eat. I then head outside with dd S so she can play. Dd N eventually comes out as well. I then see dh at the kitchen window. He comes out soon and starts on the swingset again. Ds R comes out to help. The girls and I sit on our new patio chairs to watch. The mosquitoes are bad, but not too bad, at least not for me. I see dh and ds swatting a lot. They are at the swingset for 2 hrs and accomplish quite a bit. They managed to get one of the towers built. It looks good. As we're out building 2 of our neighbors come out to see what we're doing. They're impressed and wish us well.

Eventually late evening falls and it's time to head in. Besides, now the mosquitoes are really bad, even for me. We watch a video, then prayer, then another video with the girls drinking their nightly chocolate milk. Bedtime not too bad, I'm just tired so everything they do I get cranky at. Thankfully dd S goes to bed pretty good. About 15 min later dd N decides she's tired so off to bed she goes. Quiet time once again for dh and I. :)


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