Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh my goodness, it's finished!

Well, it's been a busy week and here it is Fri already. Wow how the time flies. Dh and Ds R have been busy on the swingset all week each night trying to get it ready for our friends when they come Sat afternoon. So it's Fri morning and since dh and ds R didn't get home until 11:30, (dd N wanted to stay up until they got home.) I let them all asleep in until 9:30. Thurs evening I let dd N stay up and when it was finally time to go to bed she was struggling. Guess all the excitement of staying up. So we end up not having a devotional due to the time and I just didn't want to. So the kids were told that as long as they behaved we would just relax for the day. They were thrilled.

I did ask ds R to adjust the WAH website since there was a few things that were wrong. This is our local homeschool's website. We took over the website over a yr ago since the owner of the group needed a break from all the computer time it took. It really isn't that hard, but there are times when things need to be updated and ds R just isn't in the mood. A real learning experience for him. So while him and I did that, the girls went out on the new swings and had fun. Dh and ds R put up the swings for the girls yesterday so they would at least have that to play on.

That evening dh came home and snoozed a bit. He was tired from the night before of being out so late even though most evenings we're up that late anyway. I think it's from all the physical labor of creating the swingset. They are both physically tired each morning. So around 6:30 dh and ds R head out to do more on the swingset. It's really looking good. They finish up what they are going to do around 9:00. Dh and is tired and so it ds R. Eventually put the kids to bed around 9:30. They all seem a bit tired.

Sat morning comes and dd S wakes me up around 7. I was planning on sleeping in but dd S decides we're not. So downstairs we head to get her some chocolate milk. She does eventually fall back to sleep which is good. So I get online for a bit while we wait for a decent hour to start on the swingset. Ds R comes down to go online and get breakfast. Around 8:30 they head out to start on quiet stuff until 9 am. This is the morning that they HAVE to have it finished so they want a head start. Around 8:45 dd S wakes up and we cuddle. Then we go out just for a min so she can see what the guys are up to. They are now assembling the slide. Dd S is very excited. This is her favorite thing to do. After a few min I tell her we need to wake up dd N so they can be together while mom showers. I need to run errands to get makings for our dinner with our friends. We're just having sandwiches, but we need extra stuff since they have 6 kids age 10 to 2yr.

Just before we head up to wake dd N, dh asks dd S to test the slide. We wanted to see if it was too close to the garage. I thought at first it was, but after watching dd S go down, I realized it was fine. After getting dd N up, the 2 girls go downstairs to watch cartoons while I shower. We then head out to buy fruit and other items. We end up at 2 stores since the first store didn't have everything I need. After our shopping spree we head outside to see how the guys are doing. They have 90% of the swingset done. We then proceed to clean out the pool. It has scum at the bottom of the pool. YUCK! So we hose it down and also use wash rags to clean. Finally the pool is done so we add water.

Finally it's around lunchtime so I tell the girls to eat. Our friends aren't supposed to be here until 1:30 or so. The girls are way excited to have them come and try out the new swingset. Finally around 1:30 the guys are done and the girls are excited! They try it out a couple of times and are just thrilled. Dh then asks me to help out with the patio table we purchased a few weeks ago. So we spread out a blanket to put the table on. It's assembled in 30 min. Not bad compared to 7 days, most evenings, with the swingset. So we are now settled. The girls are now impatiently awaiting our friends. I tell dh I'm going ot call and make sure all is well. He says to just be patient, they'll be here soon. I'm just not comfortable, so once he heads to the shower, I call. They are glad that I did since they forgot to bring our number and forgot our address. So I give them the info. and we hang up.

Around 2:30 they call to say they are a bit lost and could we assist them. Thankfully dh is out of the shower and can assist. I'm no good in that kind of thing. So after a few min they arrive and the girls are thrilled. They can't wait until the kids see the swingset. So we head to the back yard and their kids go nuts. So the rest of the afternoon is spent outside with grownups standing/sitting around chatting while the kids run around having fun. Eventually the kids decide they want the pool so most of the kids (ds R is excluded in this part lol) get their suits on and head out to play in the pool.

After about 2 hrs the skies are looking pretty cloudy. Then we start to feel the rain so we all head in and the kids change. I choose to let the kids watch a video since we really don't have many things for them to play with. Also gave them all ice pops while watching. Eventually we decide it's dinner time since they are still wanting to eat. So we start making sandwiches and get everyone ready to eat. Just as we're finishing the rain stops and the sun it out. So we kick all the kids out to play for a bit more before they have to head home. They are all tired at this point since our friends kids had just been to the zoo that morning. They will sleep good tonight.

So we say bye and settle for the rest of the evening. The air is getting chilly so we stay inside the rest of the night. Eventually bedtime comes so we get the kids ready for bed. They are all exhausted.

Sunday comes and our normal getting ready morning. However, after church we're having our first linger longer were we get to know members more and have snack foods available. It was ok, but noisy. Some parents let their kids run wild and end up knocking into you or your food. Dh mentioned that they were going a bit too much overboard getting out tables and chairs. He felt they should just have 2 or 3 long tables to put the food on and then everyone just stand. I, myself, felt we should at least have chairs since there are some people who need to sit. But oh well, it was nice, but so glad to leave.

Once home, I decided that dinner sounded good. Especially since I didn't eat much there on purpose. Once home I needed to take care of the flyer for the block party in Sept. I don't know if I mentioned it earlier or not, but every year our block has a block party to get reaquainted before winter settles in. This yr the lady who did it last yr asked our family to assist. So once we got home I made copies of the flyer I made and waited for her to call back. She eventually did, but decided that she still needed to fix dinner and eat so we arranged for Mon evening to do so. That works.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, playing and watching Extreme Home Maker. Eventually it was bedtime so got the kids ready for bed. Then time for dh and I.


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