Monday, August 4, 2008

Long but good weekend

Last week was very busy. I was using the car almost everyday, whether it be during the day or in the evenings. We were planning dd N's friend party(meaning a party with her friends celebrating her birthday) before one of her friends went back home to China (literally). We also had a birthday party of a friend to attend on Fri so that meant finding a gift as well. So here's my weekend report lol.

Fri we took dh to work so we would have the car to do errands and take dd N to her friend's party. Came home and took care of our devotional. Took all 3 kids shopping to now buy the items for the goodie bags. I had ds R come with us because dd S wanted to come but he needed to watch her. We were able to collect a lot of things and then headed home. We had also bought these little purses to collect the goodies in instead of goodie bags. I figured these are young girls turning into young women and we needed to treat them as such.

After lunch we prepared dd N for the birthday party for her friend. They were having a backyard water party so she needed to wear her swimsuit and lotion on. I then took all 3 kids with me since after I drop dd N off we were going to do some more errand shopping. I'm beginning to feel like I'll never be just home relaxing. After we did our shopping we headed home to relax for a bit. I told ds R that I was going to pick up dd N on my own while him and dd S stayed home. I arrived at the friends' house and they were still opening up gifts. Almost done, but had to stay. Also found a friend who was visiting who used to live here in WI. They have since moved to OK last yr. Visited with some of the friends then time was running out so told dd N we had to leave now. By the time we actually left the house, it was almost time to get dh from work. Called ds to let him know we were coming, but he let me know dd S had gone potty in her panties. So he was having clean that up. Poor guy!

Called dh to let him know the situation and would be leaving soon to get him. He said ok. Dd N and I arrived at home to see most of the mess cleaned up. I finished cleaning up then we started to leave. I had ds call dh to let him know we were literally pulling out of the driveway. Ds didn't quite state that fact, so dh just said to wait on his call. After driving for a min or two I had the impression to call dh again. Found my impression was right. He thought we were still at home. He told me to drive back home and wait for his call so we did.

As we're waiting at home for dh to call, I'm going over our goodie bags for the party and realize we're missing a couple of items. So dd N and I run to the store real quick with the instructions to ds R to call if dad calls while I'm gone. Thankfully he didn't and we were able to collect everything we needed. Dh finally called around 6:30 so we left to get him. On our way home we stopped off at the store to pick up a cake for dd N's friend party. We arrive home and try and collect things together. I go online to check email and see that one more friend has r.s.v.p. so this means we have to run BACK to the store to get yet another purse goodie bag. Thankfully I have extras of everything else so we're good on that part.

Head back home, take all the stuff to recheck what all we have. Eventually settle for the night and put kids to bed. Dh and I settle for the night as well.

Sat morning we get up around 7 to get showers and such so we'll be ready for the party. We have told ds R that he and dd S will stay at home for the actual painting part of the party, but they can come for the pizza and cake part. We leave around 9:50 (party starts at 10) and find the store still closed. Finally 10 sharp the store opens. We have 1 girl there early and eventually all show up by 10 after 10. So the party begins. Thankfully 2 of the moms also show up and are going to stick around. So nice since they are good friends and I need someone to chat with. Dh leaves for awhile(I'm guessing to get pizza ready) and so I sit and chat with friends while the instructor is instructing the kids.

All went well. After the painting part, we had the girls gather to the next table to have pizza. I'm trying to hurry some things along since one of the girls has to leave a bit early. Luckily she was able to have pizza and then take a piece of cake along. Unfortunately, I forgot to include her goodie purse, so we ended up bringing it home with us. After the pizza and cake, we had gifts to open. She received lots of cute stamps to use on cards or whatever. She also received a webkinz from a friend. She was excited about that. Another friend gave a her a cute doll, much nicer than Barbie. I think we might start investing in these dolls since they have nice clothing that covers the doll better. But anyway, some very nice gifts. At this time it's after 12 and the party is done. So we're just now chatting away and cleaning up. We finally leave around 12:30. Head home and thankful that the party was somewhere else and not home.

Spent the rest of the day relaxing since dh had been woken up several times the night before with chirps from his phone( mini emails that got sent from work). Later on that afternoon, dh and ds R start wrapping the boards for the swingset. These are wrappings to help protect the children from getting slivers while playing. They covered most. It's going to take all week to get it assembled, but well worth it.

Sunday comes and we get ready for church. Normal routine except as I'm trying to print out the programs for church, the printer stops working. Eventually dh is able to get it to work and the programs get printed. We have church and then head home. Dh is in a foul mood due to things happening at church that shouldn't be. Unfortunately he really can't do much about it, so he's frustrated. After a bit dh comes downstairs and snoozes on the couch with dd N while she's watching tv.

I'm also getting a stomach ache or more like I've eaten something or caught a bug. I feel my gut is not right. I end up with diarreah. Later that evening dd N is complaining of a head ache, so she ends up falling asleep around 9 on the couch while dd S is still playing. Around 9:30 I put her to bed and keep dd S up but sitting quietly on the floor playing. By 10pm I tell her it's time to lay on the couch. Eventually I end up putting her to bed and she falls asleep. Of course around 3 am dd N wakes up with an ear ache. I give her med and put to bed. Then around 4 I think we wake to a pretty loud thunderstorm. So dh and I just wait for the girls to wake up. Eventually they do and end up cuddling with us. As I'm typing this, I'm still hearing the occassional thunder. It's going to be a long day.


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