Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally staying home (mostly)

For the past 4 to 5 days I have been going somewhere. Sat temple, Sun church, Mon library, helping ds R mow lawn, help get ready for funeral next day, Tues attending funeral then doing errands, Wed dropping ds R off to library, doing some errands, picking him up, heading to a swimming party(never made it) picking up dh and heading home. WHEW!! Yesterday was finally staying home during the day. I was able to catch up on some things at home.

Got up as usual, but was a little tired. Most weekdays I get up early so I have a chance online before the kids wake up. Dh asks me why I make myself get up so early and this is why. I got all the computers turned on, took care of the homemade bread, then did my journal. I keep wanting to add stuff here, but because I'm somewhat computer iliterate, I haven't a clue. One day I might.

Eventually dh came down for breakfast then headed for work. dd S was already downstairs wanting her chocolate milk. So drank and fell back to sleep. So she was on the couch snoozing and dd N was upstairs sleeping. I finally woke both up at 8:30. Ds R was on the computer, so that was good. Once the kids were awake I stated we would have our devotiona at 9am. We would do no school work until next week(or at least scheduled school work lol. )

Once the devotional was over and I was showered and dressed, I had ds update the homeschool groups webpage. I try and keep the back ground updated to whatever the season and any holiday. Now that it's just summer, I opted for a summer background. Ds R did good. Spent the rest of the morning and some afternoon getting the house cleaned up a bit for dd N's friend. This girl lives in China, but used to be in our congregation at church. They are here for 6 weeks vacation to see friends and go places. So I invited her to come play with dd N for a few hrs. So around 2:30 her mom drops her off to play. The mom then tells me the girl might be able to attend dd N's party after all. That would be nice if she could.

She was here for 2 hrs and was then ready to go home. It was then, that her mom showed up. Just in time. The rest of the afternoon was just getting ready for dinner and cleaning up a bit.

Dh came home in time for dinner. After dinner I took the kids and we went birthday shopping for dd N's friend. We had originally tried to find a webkinz, but they are only sold at specialty stores, waaay down the street. I was not in the mood to drive that far, so we opted for one of the other gift ideas. Picked up some items for dd N's goody bags for her party on Sat. Came home and saw dh reading instructions for swingset. Dd S was very excited. It will be a nice swingset once we get it up. After a bit, dh went back inside so dd S and I went for a walk. We ended up chatting with a friend for 30 min so afterward went back home. Got kids ready for bed and settled for the evening.


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