Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dd N's birthday!

Yesterday was a good day. It was oldest dd N's 12 birthday, which in our faith is a big deal. She now gets to go to young women's. This means she's growing up and learning how to slowly become an adult. She's excited now, but up until about a month ago, was very nervous. Now she's excited.

Well, let me start from Sunday evening activity. Just before bedtime we decorted the house a bit. Dh blew up balloons and I put streamers up. I wasn't in the best of moods to do this, but I knew it needed to be done for her. After that we went to bed.

Mon morning I'm up early trying to get my journal done before anyone else wakes up. Dh has the day off to spend with us as a family. Around 7am dd S wakes up and is excited to see all the decorations. "Mommy," she says, " it's sisters birthday and she's 12!" "It sure is", I tell her. She gets her morning chocolate milk and goes back to sleep.

A bit later dh wakes up and I end up having to wake up ds R so he can get her flyer done. I tried doing it the night before but jus wasn't getting it right. So anyway, ds R finally gets up and gets working on the flyer. Dh does his usual morning conference call, then gets up to fix dd N's french toast she requested. I go up and proceed to wake up dd N for her day. This morning doesn't take too long since as soon as I said "it's your birthday" she popped up out of bed lol. Got up pretty promptly and headed downstairs.

Pretty soon dh had breakfast ready and so we ate. We then had our devotional to which dd N was in charge of getting it started. She wanted to surprise her daddy by stating she would be saying the prayer. Now I know you're thinking, she's 12 and saying a prayer shouldn't be all that big of a deal. But it has been with her since she doesn't like to say much in public even with family. So this was nice.

After the devotional we proceeded to get ready for the morning. I went up and showered while the kids got their books and videos ready. Then we all headed to the library. Dh wanted to go along so he could get some errands done, so he dropped us off and headed out. As we entered and were getting our books put away, we bumped into one of our church friends. It was one of the young women leaders and she wished dd N happy birthday. Dd N just beamed. lol

Then we continued with the rest of our library stuff. As we're getting our stuff ready to check out, I remember to call dh that we're ready. He's on his way as he does a couple more things. Once we're finished we head downstairs to find dh there and checking out some books. Dh then tells me we're not headed home, we'll just get some lunch and proceed with our day. So we head to McD's for lunch, then to the zoo. We decide to check out parts of the zoo that we haven't seen in awhile. We check out the giraffe's and see that the zoo workers are letting some people feed the animals. We all chuckle at the looks of EW coming from the children who are feeding the giraffe's. My kids are not interested in doing this, just watching. We then head off to look at other animals. Even though we've just been to the zoo last April, we still had fun. We saw the polar bear doing some interesting moves and a brown grizzly bear sticking his butt at me and peeing. GROSS! What a time to pick to watch the animal. Dh thought that was funny.

Close to closing time we head to the train area. Both girls wanted to ride it and the merry go round. So we head in that direction. Dh decides to join us. Usually in the past when we've had the stroller, dh has stayed behind. But lately since we don't have it he joins us. That's been nice for us as a family. So dh joins us but since ds R decides to sit opposite the girls, dh has no place to sit so him and I sit in the next area. As we're riding, both girls are sticking their heads out just slightly do dh gets some good photos. After the train ride, dd S decides she wants to ride the merry go round so dd N decides she wants to as well. This means that either dh or ds has to go with dd S. I can't due to ear problems which when I go round and around I get major dizzy. So ds R decides to be nice and go with dd S. We got some cute photos. Then the ride is over and we decide to head to miniature golf. We were, at first, going to eat dinner and then do the golf, but since most of us aren't quite ready for dinner, we opt to golf. Thank goodness because later on it cooled off greatly.

So we're at miniature golf and having fun. This place is a new one and it has water at every stand. At first I'm thinking that's dumb. But then dh realizes that the water is only 1 ft deep. Ok that's fine. So at this time I'm doing much better than I normally do. We're all having fun and such. Then we're done with the game and head to the car for dinner. Dh reads us the scores and I can't believe what he has just told us. I BEAT EVERYONE! I've NEVER gotten first place with golf. I even beat dh which I NEVER do! I told the kids and dh that I wanted to keep that score card lol.

So now we head to dinner to our favorite buffet place, New China. We occassionally try other buffet places, but this one has our most favorite foods. And we must have gotten dd S very hungry because her normal eating is 2 to 3 small pieces of chicken and some french fries. Tonight she has eaten about 8 piece of chicken. She did very well. After we eat, we head outside and like I said earlier, it has cooled down considerably. BURR!

We arrive home and get the cake ready for singing. Then present time. She has received many craft and painting things. This should be fun. She's also gotten a hoola hoop and candy and some jewelry. Nice stuff and she's happy. We then eat cake. Prayer time then settling by watching a video for the evening. Put kids to bed and thankfully dd S is very tired. After a bit I'm headed to bed. I find myself falling asleep before dh gets up there. He was downloading the pictures online. I was just too tired for any cuddling. I'll make up for it Tues evening. :)


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