Thursday, July 31, 2008

A bit nervous

Yesterday, dd N and I took dh to work. Ds R stayed home with dd S while she was still asleep. Dropped off dh then headed home. I tried calling ds R, but neither of my cell phones would work. The flip phone had run out of min and the other one was out of battery. So I had to hope I would make it home in time for him to shower before taking him to volunteer at the library one more time this yr. He hasn't been thrilled with this, but as many adults have said, it looks great on your resume, along with his Eagle, once his report gets done.

We arrive home to see dsR bringing dd S out of the door. I tell him the cells weren't working. "Ah" he says. So he gets ready and we take him to the library. Once we get home, I shower and get dressed. We're hoping to go to Walmart and pick out a present for dd N's friends' party on Fri. As we were leaving the house, I look down at the gas guage(not sure why) and notice it's a bit on the low side. I head back home and call dh. He says it's fine, so I say ok. We head to Walmart, but find nothing of interest. We head back home to wait to get ds R. As the time arrives to pick up dsR, we stop off and pick up more corn. Delicious corn and good price and just around the corner, literally.

Once home, I realize that soon I have to take dd N and S to a swim party. This is what we're doing instead of the park. Well 2 things have occurred. I really don't want to drive all that way, and the gas guage is making me a bit nervous, but I remember what dh tells me, so after lunch we leave. It takes us almost 20 min to get to the area where this lady lives. We search and search, but am unable to find her home. I told dd N that if I wasn't concerned about the gas thing, we would continue so we head back home with a very disappointed dd N. I don't blame her. She was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, dd S kept making comments about the situation, and dd N hit her on the shoulder. Poor dd S(4yr) was upset and the tears came. I made dd N give her a hug and say sorry. Once we arrived home I cuddled with dd S for a bit.
As we pulled into the driveway, ds R came out surprised. I told him what happened, then offered to let dd N go out in the wading pool for awhile. I know that is nothing compared to what the friend has, but it's all I can do. Dd S chooses to go out, and eventually dd N decides to go out also. Thankfully she doesn't pout for long.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home just goofing off. Around mid afternoon the library called to let us know there was a mixup in the DVD's we checked out on Mon. We had the case to Bill Nye wind, but the CD of something else. So on our way to pick up dh, we stopped at the library to exchange. All the while keeping on eye on the gas guage, awaiting the final turn up the hill to his work before I could relax. Once we picked him up, he looks at the gas guage and sees just how low we are. Maybe another 20 miles and then we'd be out. Guess that trip out to find our friend used up a LOT of gas.

On our way home, we stopped off to pick up some groceries. Dd N got to get some more of her cereal she had while dh and ds R were at camp. The reason being is ds R ended up eating it all the next afternoon and that left dd N with no more of her cereal. So now she has more. We head home and get dinner. Then just mess around the rest of the evening. Dh eventually ends up upstairs snoozing until the door bell rings with politicians knocking on the door.

I then head outside just to be outside before it gets dark. The girls and I draw some more things with chalk, then dd S and I take a walk around the block looking for more fireflies. We eventually head back home and then have prayer and bedtime. This time I decided to do something a bit different with dd S to get her to sleep. We brush teeth, say prayers, THEN I sit down in the hallway and we read. That definitely helped in getting her to sleep.

In the meantime, dh gets a page for a problem at work and ends up on that for almost an hr. Thankfully not much more. Then it's bedtime. I'm tired!


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