Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A quiet day

With the thunderstorms we had Mon evening, it was sure nice to wake up Tues evening and have only cloudy skies. Thankfully, they eventually left and the day was sunny.

So I wake up to come post here. All of the kids are still sleeping due to letting them stay up late the night before due to the thunderstorm. Dd N is really frightened of them to the point of covering her face with a blanket so she can't see the lightening. Then plugging her ears. Dd S isn't thrilled either, but it seems she can still ignore the storm if it isn't too loud. So anyway, as I'm up by myself for awhile, it was nice. Dh came down to leave for work and only ds R was up. He's my early riser anyway, but he still slept in until after 7. Dh then left for work while the girls were still sleeping. I usually like to wake dd N so she can at least say goodbye, but since she was up until almost midnight, I wasn't going to wake her for that.

Finally around 8:30 I told ds that I was going to get the girls. Took a bit of prodding but I finally got them awake. Told them we would start our school devotional for the morning really soon. Around 9am we did our devotional. I told the kids that mom had her new visiting teachers coming today and would need the frontroom cleaned up. So after the devotional, I told the kids to get started on their various school assignments while I showered. Of course, the girls decided they were going to give mom a hard time. So instead of reading (to get more points for the reading program) they choose to play with their toys. And apparently dd S choose to bug ds R while he was actually trying to do his school work. Thankfully dd N came along and got her distracted. It wasthen that I suggested they read to their dolls. Of course, this process took over 30 min BEFORE any reading was done. They finally started reading once my visiting teachers got here. This was over 40 min of just prep time. I told the girls next time they would just choose a few toys to read to.

Visiting with my new visiting teachers was very nice. They both chatted with me, asking various questions, or just listening to me ramble. Once they left, I told the girls to start reading or they wouldn't get many points today. Thankfully they did start reading and with the total from yesterday(we went to check out my patio set) they had 3 bugs to cross out.

Once noon hit, the girls were done. Ds R still had to complete his assignments for scout camp which is explaining certain things about the classes he is taking at camp. This needs to be done before camp and then they take it with them to report on. So that was his thing for the afternoon. I told the girls that we needed to secretly write to daddy and dh so that when they got to scout camp, they would have letters to read, so we at least accomplished hand writing today. The girls just goofed around after that. The weather was very muggy and warm and so they choose to stay inside. I tried to convince them that there was a pool outside in which to cool off. Dd S finally decided that she would do that. And eventually dd N did also.

Later on, while fixing dinner, dh showed up from work. He was going to be taking ds R to his young men/young women activity, which was swimming at the young men's pres. house. They've been doing this for the last 3yrs, I think. So the girls and I were on our own for over 3 hrs. We spent most of it outside, but eventually the mosquitoes took over so we choose to go in. Pretty soon the guys came home and it was time for bed. Unfortunately, even with all the outside activity, dd S still had the wiggles at 9:30pm. So I took her downstairs around 9:50 and told her she was ONLY allowed to sit on my lap while we watched the boring news. She fussed a bit, but finally settled around 10:15. Then had ds R come take her upstairs to bed. He's so good with her most of the time. He does get a bit rough, but she lets him know to settle and he immediately backs off.

Then got older kids to bed and dh and I had the rest of the eveing to ourselves. Ahhh.


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