Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Tues switch to busy Wed

With summer here, busy Tues have changed to busy Wed. Tues used to be taking dh to work, coming home and getting school started. Then around noon taking dd S to her art class. Coming home to eat lunch and then taking dd N and ds R to their art and gym class. Home for 30 min, only to head out and pick up dh from work. Then get kids showers who have church classes. Then off to church for a bit. Eventually getting home around 9pm. WHEW!

However, Wed are now the busy one. Taking dh to work, leaving ds R and dd S home(usually dd is sleeping still) and taking other dd N with us. In the meantime, just before we get home, ds heads to the shower. We get home soon after and head to the library to drop ds R so he can do his volunteer work. While he's doing that I have both dd's at home getting ready for the day. Most times reading while I'm showering. Then heading out side to get some exercise.

Well, before I get any further, I'll start with yesterday. Did the above routine. By noon it was time to pick up ds R from library. However, ds R convinced me that we needed to make a stop at McD's for a snack. Of couse it didn't help that he didn't get any breakfast so was hungry. So I did. Arrived home in time to grab some other things before heading out to the park for park day with our homeschool group. 1-3pm. We arrived before anyone else did and just sat for a bit. I kept wondering if anyone else was coming or if I had the right park. Last Wed it got rained so the other park didn't get attended.

After about 15 min another mom showed up so that was nice. This mom and I have the same attitude about most schooling stuff, we just don't share the same religious thoughts, so we just keep that out of the conversation. So as she sat down and got settled, she told me some sad news. They are moving! I was so sad to thear that, especially since dd N is good friends with her dd. They will be moving the end of Aug to AZ. At least they will have nice weather.

After a bit we all decided it was time to head home so off we went. Got home in time to see that ds R had been doing his school work so he was fine. Both dd's wanted to play so off they went for a bit. Then it was time to pick up dh from work and stop off for food. So we all piled into the car for dad. After we got him, we headed to the store. After being in several different isles, I heard my name being called. I turned around and saw a couple who dh and I hadn't seen in over 7yrs. It was good to see them. They were visiting some friends here in WI. They had moved to Ut about 7yrs ago. We had a short conversation with them before they had to leave. Very nice seeing them.

Once we got home, got dinner finished and then ate. Then ds R headed to the computer to play. Dh rested upstairs a bit. Both dd's went outside. It's nice when they want to go out and be together. They were playing bat and ball. This means they were practicing throwing the all up in the air and then hitting it. Dd N was getting waaay to good and ended up hitting the ball, many times, into the neighbors yard, so we had to end that game. Eventually we did some chalk drawing which dd S loves doing.

Then bedtime came which dd S tries really hard to get out of. She will try doing some long stretches, or find a toy she hasn't seen in awhile or whatever. Not working lol. Eventually I get her up to bed. Thankfully last night she didn't wiggle too much and finally went to bed. The other 2 went to bed not too soon after and then dh and I had our time. Ahh the quiet of the house. :)


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