Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I didn't get a chance to log on yesterday since dh had the day off to attend the funeral of our friend from church. Mon morning was the normal take dh to work and then come home. Do library stuff, then home. I convinced ds R to mow the front lawn for dh. Dh's is on call this week which means we don't go anywhere shopping and we don't do any projects that can't be stopped at. Anyway, while I was trying to convinced ds R to do this to help his dad, my friend, who's car was having problems, stopped by my house to show me her new (used) car. She was just glowing. "It works", she said lol. We chatted for a bit and then let them go. So glad she has a working car. Her other one literally feel apart on her las week. She's had nothing but problems this past yr with that car.

Later on I finally convinced dsR to mow the lawn. Once I got the mower out, he was more willing. I even told him all he had to do was the front lawn. Well that's all he needed to know. He was off! Once done, we headed off to get dh. The kids were told not to tell dh so he would be surprised. He was pleasantly surprised. He told ds S that he had done well. Ds R was beaming inside.

After dinner, dh and ds were supposed to go help setup chairs for the funeral on Tues. Dh asked if the girls and I would like to go since it was a Mon evening. We could do this as a service project for family home evening. We arrived at the Stake Center and were the only ones there for 30 min. That was fine, we just sent dd S around the church 4 times. Certainly settled her down a bit. Finally someone came who could open the doors. We had 5, 15-16 yr young men come to help. We also had the Relief Society Pres and family and the 2nd counselor to the bishop, show up with his family. So many people showed up to set up. The girls and I just sat and watched.

After a bit, the R.S. Pres. motioned me to come help her. We walked in to the kitchen and she asked if I would help get the food ready for the funeral the next day. Sure! So for the next 45 min we set out meats on a tray for the sandwiches. After we were all done, we all headed outside. One of the men invited us to head to an ice cream shop for treats. Of course all the kids were in agreement lol. We stayed for 30 min since the temp had cooled off a bit. Still a very nice evening with friends. Arrived back home around 9:30pm. Put kids to bed. Quiet evening for dh and I.

Tues morning was dd S waking me up for her chocolate milk. Brought her down and after she was done, she feel back to sleep. The rest of our morning consisted of ds R getting up and going on the computer. I snoozed for a bit and then went upstairs to check on dh. He was on his daily conference call. I motioned I would go shower and he said fine. We needed to be to the church by 10:30 do dh could play the organ for the funeral. Ds R and dd N watched dd S while we were gone.

The funeral was really hard for me. It brough back memories of my dad's funeral. I bawled almost as much as the family did. Dh did a good job on the organ considering it was one he only practiced on once. He didn't feel as good about it, but he's a perfectionist, so he would never have been happy on that one.

After the services were over, dh and I headed for home. I asked him about taking the kids and I to lunch. He said sure. So we headed home to pick up the kids. All was well with the kids. Ds R has done a good job the few times we have left him in charge. Thank goodness. I think dh and I might even try going out on a date night once a month and see how that works.

After lunch I convinced dh to head over to the store that sells the swingsets you put together. After a bit of trying to find a sellsman, we finally settled on one of the nicer ones. We rented the truck and hauled the stuff home. Took the truck back and headed home. So glad the most of my goals for the summer have been accomplished. We just need to get the front porch fixed and the porch in the back one. Just in time for winter. lol I do have to admit that at the beginning of the yr, I had the strong impression I was NOT to plan or do any big type of activities this yr. I've been realizing why lately. Dh's job has been very hectic so things haven't been as planned.

The rest of the evening was just everyone settling down and relaxing. I spent some of the evening outside with dd S while she rode her bike. The air was warm and muggy, but sometimes to me that feels nice. At one point dd N sticks her outside and says our neighbor down the street called. It's the neighbor who has asked me to help out with the planning of this yr's block party. So dd S and I head out for a walk to see what she wants. Turns out she just wanted someone to make up the flyer and print it. Not a problem for this family.

Eventually it's bedtime, so I tell the girls we need to settle and watch a video for a bit. Basically the night was a hard one since dd S didn't wake up until 9am. She hardly ever sleeps that late unless we've been very active the night before. So I ended up bringing her down to the couch after 10pm She finally feel asleep at 10:30. Dh and I headed to bed as well. Tomorrow is yet another busy day. Our homeschool group decided instead of park day, we would head to someone's house to swim. We'll see how things go.


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