Monday, July 28, 2008

A good weekend

Well, last message I left here was Thurs, so I should probably update you all(if anyone even cares lol). Well I do. :) Fri came and was the normal Fri. Getting up and ready for the day. Getting the kids up has become a chore. Not sure if they are maturing and just need extra sleep or what. Ds R used to be up most mornings by 6am. But in the last month or so, he's been getting up around 8 depending on the day. He did manage to get up by 7 on Fri but dd N had stayed up late(unbeknownst to me) and so when I went to go to bed on Thurs she was still up. This was close to 11pm. I did manage to finally wake her up and him. Dd S was already up, of course, and was ready to play. Dh went to work and the day started for us. I was debating on whether to do structured school, but as the morning went on, all we did was listen to the history CD that was loaned to me by a friend.

We did receive a phone call that morning that one of our church friends has lost his fight with cancer. He had passed away 8am Fri morning. Bishop called us around 9 to let us know. I also received 2 emails both from him and Pres Hall. I'm guessing the phone call was because dh is the Elder's Quorum Pres and the emails were for everyone. So sad, because he was such a young guy, probably in his 50's. Good family.

The rest of the day was just cleaning up and doing laundry. Since we wouldn't be home much on Sat, (Stake Temple Day)I figured we'd better do stuff on Fri. Managed to get some things done thank goodness.

Later in the afternoon, close to the time dh would be getting ready to come home, he calls and asks me what time my visiting teaching appt was. He says he might not be able to make it home in time, but would try. I told him to do what he could. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I finally decide to do a fend night. The day was warm, and I just couldn't come up with anything. Pretty soon dh calls and says he has no idea when he'll be home so cancel my appts. Took me a bit to do so since my companion's phone isn't always on. Finally got ahold of her while she was on the porch waiting for me lol. I then left a message for our sister we were visiting. She apparently didn't get it and called me to see what was up. I felt bad that I didn't try one more time, but it happens.

The rest of the evening was spent with the kids being a bit wild. That's generally ok with me. I'd rather them get this way while dh's is at work since it bothers him a bit. I don't mind them getting their frustration out by being noisy for a bit. Around 7:30 my neighbor calls whom I've agree to a meeting with her about our neighborhood block party. She has asked dh and I to assist her this yr, so we needed to get together and get things planned. She ended up coming around 7:45 and stayed till 8:30. We're both chatty lol. She basically just showed me the books and how things are kept so that each yr, whoever is in charge, can see what has been done. I was hoping dh could be here for this, but maybe another time. He did manage to call while I was cuddling with dd S and told ds he would be home a bit after 9.

After she left, it was time to settle the kids a bit. Got dd's S and N to watch a video while drinking their nightly chocolate milk. I let the kids stay up until dh got home so they could have prayer with and get loves. Then putting dd S to sleep. That has become a chore lately. She just doesn't want to miss anything, and even when I tell her everyone else is going to bed, she still seems to think she might be missing something. Eventually, though, she did fall asleep.

Sat morning came and I was actually able to sleep in till 8. I was surprised since dd S didn't wake me. I went down stairs since I didn't want to sleep much longer and got the computers started and the windows opened. Around 8:30 dd S did wake so we cuddled for a bit. Eventually it was time to wake up the other kids. We were going to the temple today, and needed to get things going. Once we all got up, we headed out the door to do errands and get lunch. We were thinking of going to our favorite sit down place, but our errands took longer than we thought, so we quickly stoped at McD's and got lunch. Home just in time to eat and get ready to go. It's about 1 1/2 to 2 hr drive to the Chicago Temple, but with construction going on, it took us the full 2 hrs. Not a problem, we were already dressed and pretty much ready to go.

The drive down was a bit long, especially for dd S so we had our portable DVD player with us. I think about halfway through the 2nd dvd she made the comment "it sure is a long way to the temple" lol. Too cute, and she's right, but that's ok, it's worth it. We arrived at the church where the children were being babysat, and headed to the temple. Not as amany church members this time, but still a good amount. After the services were over, we headed back to the church to pick up the kids. We ended up staying for over 30 min since not all the parents had come back, thus leaving a couple of baysitters without rides. Eventually they all came so we left. It was about 8:30. By this time we were getting hungry, even with a late lunch, so we stopped for snacks and then frenchfries. Headed home around 9:00 and arrived home by 11pm. Dd S had fallen asleep in the car, so ds took her upstairs to bed. Due todh and I's bad backs we aren't able to carry our 50 lb girl to bed.

Sunday came and getting ready for church. It was somewhat hard getting the kids up since we had a late evening, but eventually they woke. Dd S got up just as I was headed to the shower, so dh sat with her while I did. What a great guy, since she has a lot of energy and wears you out. Eventually got everyone up and going. Got the ward program taken care of with the info on our friend's funeral. It will be Tues. Left for church by 11:30 since dh had an earlier-than-normal meeting.

Had our meetings then headed home. Dh told us we had home teachers coming at 6, so we ate dinner and waited. He arrived at 6 and said he prayed before coming, and felt inspired to take a look at our car. He's a mechanic by trade, so we said sure. He's a nice guy, and we watched while him and dh talked about car stuff. Eventually, though, we needed to excuse him since we had an engagement at 7. One of dh and ds's home teaching families wanted to treat us with dessert since dh and ds had helped them out with some flooding problems awhile back. We had a nice evening, but it ended too short. The kids had a blast and wanted to stay, but it was bedtime for the little ones, so we said our goodbyes.

Had another hard evening putting dd S to bed. Of course it doesn't help that it was warm in their room. So I told her we would go downstairs on the couch and relax. After 10 min she finally gave in. What an evening and weekend. Busy, but good.


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Amie said...

Hey, I just noticed that you got a blog. How fun! I'm confused about the dd N and dr R stuff ???