Friday, July 11, 2008

Nice day, looooong night

Yesterday was a nice day. It started out cloudy, but soon the sun came out. We did our devotional, then I told the kids to get their school stuff done while I'm in the shower. Ds R did his really well, but the 2 girls wanted to play. I told them to read to their dolls. Seems I've said that a few times recently lol. They actually did this time, so that gave both girls some points.

As I was getting out of the shower, I heard the garbage truck. Turns out we forgot to take out the garbage, so I told the 2 oldest to run out NOW and take it. Amazing what an urgent request will do. Both kids flew into action. Made it! The rest of the morning was good with dd N taking a shower and me reading to dd S. Then dd N took over after her shower, thus giving dd S 3 more points. She's getting there (library reading program).

The rest of the day was spent with me doing the occassional house hold chore and just keeping an eye on the kids. The girls spent a lot of time just playing with their dolls. That was fine. They were being good. Ds R needed to finish up his report for scout camp, so he was told to do that before anything else. He kind of fought it, but after a bit realized mom was serious.

Dinnertime came and we were watching the weather radar. They were talking about some storms headed our way....again. Between the tons of snow we received last winter, and all this rain this spring and summer, I'm surprised WI doesn't float away. lol The first storm had a bit of high winds to it and thus set off the towns sirens. Lasted about 5 min before they stopped. Dh was on his way home and heard them. He ended up driving in the quick burst.

Later that evening it was time to settle. Had dd S watching some videos for a bit, then we read. After the 7 book I told her it was now bedtime, and as usual she whined about it. She just doesn't want to miss any fun. I've told her that pretty much everyone is our household will be in bed soon so she won't have anyone to play with. Besides, it's hard to see in the dark.

Once I had everyone in bed, dh and I headed. But there were more storms headed around midnight. Unfortunately that's when we ended up in bed. So after a bit of quiet storms, the louder ones arrived and so did both our dd's into bed. Thus starting our long night. Oldest dd N got in and covered her head. She HATES seeing the lightening. Then dd S came in, apparently had a bad dream and was in tears. Settled her down. Eventually we all fell asleep, but for me it wasn't until 2:30am. Then my alarm went off at 6. I only got up because we had bread in the bread maker. Needed to get it out. But then I realized I'm up so I'll type a bit. The storm pretty much lasted all night long. When I got up this morning I put dd S back to bed. She is our wild sleeper. I left dd N since she was on my side and wouldn't both dh. So here I am at 6:30 am tired and needing some sleep. Guess I'm going to sign off here and head back to sleep.


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