Monday, July 14, 2008

My guys are gone...temp.

A lot has occurred over the past 3 days, so we'll see how much I can squeeze in. Fri, dh took off so he could prepare for scout camp. And due to not sleeping well on thurs we were exhausted. Fri morning he slept in until the phone rang. For the life of me I can't remember who, but they didn't leave a message. But it woke up dh so dd S and I went up to see him. Once everyone was awake, we got up and started getting things ready. Showers were done and some chores got done.

Around noon the kids started asking for food. I told them to hold off since dh might take us out. I checked, yes we're going out. Around 1pm we left for lunch. Did some shopping afterward for food for ds and dh, some for us. Got home and dh had some errands to run. Turns out it was to get his hair cut. He got home and him and ds R started actual packing. Their plan was to take most of the stuff over to the scout master's home the night before, and then what was left, the morning of.

Around 7:30 dh decides he going to mow the lawn. It had rained early that morning and so that meant he couldn't then. The sun had shown the rest of the day so the lawn was now dry. Then around 8:30 dh and ds R left for the scout master's home. I stayed behind to put the girls to bed, or at least the littlest one. Dd N wanted to wait for dh and ds so she could read with him. They finally got home around 9:30 so reading was allowed. Around 10 it was bedtime. Dh and I spent a little time together finally. Bedtime around 11pm.

Sat morning up around 6. Had a hard time getting ds up so he could have 1 last time with computer before they left. I wasn't having too hard of a time until we woke up Sat morning. Then my heart just ached. This happens every year since they've left. Thankfully this time wasn't as bad as yrs past. Guess I'm finally getting used to it. Left home around 7:30 and headed to scout master's home. About half the scouts were already there, just waiting on a few more. Finally around 7:45 the rest came and they continued packing. 8 am comes and we decide it's time for the guys to leave, so the moms hop into cars and leave.

We arrive home with both dd's still awake. I figured possibly dd S would fall back to sleep since she had woken at 7 and stayed awake. She rarely does this. So I'm figuring at this point she's going to be sleepy later this afternoon. In the meantime, we arrive home around 8:45 to the sound of the phone ringing. The last 2 Sat it's been my good friend calling for something. However, since she had a borrowed car, it couldn't be her. Turns out it was my former visiting teacher who had some favors to ask of me. She needed to drop off 2 packages to me for church on Sun. She wouldn't be there but needed these things taken care of. So I said sure.

Rest of the morning was spent with the girls and I getting ready for the day. We had my friend coming over to spend the day since the car she was using belonged to a co-worker and they needed it for the day. So while we waited we wrote some more letters to daddy and ds. We had just about finished when she drove up with the co-worker. So she came in and we finished letters. Spent the rest of the morning just chatting until lunch time. I had arranged to take her and another mom out to lunch with us. This was our yrly luncheon we had since the guys were gone. We stayed there for almost 2hrs. No wonder my youngest dd was ready to go. lol

We bid farewell to our other friend who had agreed to meet us there, and drove to Walmart to do some special treat shopping. Ended up meeting our friend again, only with her dh and younger ds. We chatted some and then proceeded with our shopping. As we're headed home I'm realizing it's getting rather late and dd S is starting to get tired. So after checking out a new post office type place and finding it closed, we head for home. This is now 4:30. As I look into the mirror I see her eyes drooping. We quickly wake her up and head home.

Spend the rest of the evening just chatting and going for a walk. Around 7:30 friend decides she's ready to head home, so we all hop in and take her home. She lives about 3 min from us. Once she's home, we head home and get girls ready for bed. Both dd's wanted to check on the fire flies, so we did for a bit. Around 8:30 I'm realizing that dd S hasn't had her bath. Guess she'll have a shower in the morning. We only have 2 of us showering so she has time. Put her to bed and then dd N and I stay up. I have to get ward bulletin updated and printed so I can take it to church. I'm also washing dd's new pajamas and we have to wait till they're dry. 11pm we finally head to bed.

Sunday morning comes and dd S wants her chocolate milk. It's 7am so that's fine. I give it to her and once she's done, she falls back to sleep. I have time to goof for a bit so I decide to write one more letter to the guys. I type a basic letter, but as time goes on that morning, I realize that there's more I need to talk to dh about, so I retype a letter. Finally around 8:30 dd S decides she's ready to wake up. So we get dd N up as well and the two watch a video for a bit.

Eventually, it's time to get showering and ready for church. As we're getting dressed and such, the phone rings. It's Walmart stating our patio furniture is ready to be picked up. So I arrange to have it picked up Mon. We finally get dressed and head out the door. My friend is waiting outside her home. We then head to church. As we're walking into church, I see someone there that I was supposed to give something to and realize I'VE LEFT IT HOME!! I still have to do the ward bullletin. So my friend suggests I make the copies and then her and the girls will fold them while I head back home. So I do, and the advisary was on me today, but I tried really hard to stick with the traffic laws and made it back 10 min before church time. WHEW!!

Church was normal stuff. Went to classes and then started to head out. Another friend stopped me about a meeting she wanted to have with my dd N. So that was arranged and we head home. Got home and started making dinner. The girls were hungry and kept asking for other snack items. Finally got them occupied with some other stuff while I fixed it. We had tacos instead of our normal dinner. Dd N wanted that. We usually have a meat with potatoe chunks in it. The rest of the evening was keeping the girls occupied while my friend and I chatted. Finally we went for a walk, then made some home made post cards to send to the guys at camp. Got those done and was trying to find a video to show my friend. We ended up getting interruped with dh calling from camp. Very nice to hear his voice. I then hand the phone to dd S to talk. She doesn't say much, but just wanted to talk. During this time the door bell rings. Dd N tells me it's neighbors down the street coming to chat. So I have her talk to dh for a bit, then I chat and say bye. I really wanted to chat more, but needed to find out what the neighbors wanted so I ended my conversation. I did email him later apologizing for not talking more.

Turns out my neighbors wanted to ask dh and I to assist in the block party our neighborhood has every yr. What's interesting is I was just thinking of that just recently, wondering if they were ever going to ask us. So we ended up chatting for 1 1/2 hrs. I rarely ever chat with this neighbor, other than the yrly block party, so we had lots to talk about. Finally around 9pm we let her go and try and finish up with the computer stuff. Found what I wanted to find, but it was taking waaay too long to load, so I sent it to her. We'll probably watch a bit tonight when she comes over. Took her home around 9:30 and then let the girls watch a video for a bit while having a quick snack. Dd S was very tired and pretty much fell right to sleep. It was 10pm. Other dd N and I stayed up for a bit cleaning up some stuf and then we remembered she had to do a favor for ds R. So she played some games that he asked and then we headed to bed. 11pm. Very tired girls.


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