Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doing well on our own

I guess I should stop worrying about the week without the guys. And stop worrying that we'll have nothing to do. As I've been looking over our weeks schedule, I realize we are BUSY! Sat was spent with my friend having lunch and then shopping. Sun was church and relaxing. Mon was library, getting our patio furniture and picking up my friend for the evening (more details in a bit) Tues will be having my soon-to-be dd's new young women leader coming over after lunch and talking to my dd. Then a church day camp from 3-8pm. Wed and Thurs will be taking care of another friend's children all day. Fri will be cleaning the house so that Sat we can relax and wait for the phone call to pick up the guys. WHEW!! I'm only about halfway through this schedule and it already exhausts me lol.

Well, let me start over for yesterday's schedule. Due to having gone to bed late(like 10 and 11pm) I let my girls sleep in. Dd S woke up around 7 for her chocolate milk, but also brought with her dd N. Both girls still tired. I told dd N to rest on the couch and gave dd S her chocolate milk. Both girls feel asleep soon after. I then had the rest of the morning to myself. So nice to just putter around waiting on them to wake up.

Finally, it was 9 am and the girls needed to wake up. Got them both awake then took a shower. The girls got the videos rewound and the books ready to take back to the library. Also made arrangements to have our neighbor help us pick up our patio furniture. Around 11 we finally left and on our way, stopped off at this pharmacy place that also does mail jobs. This means I could take the letters and the envelope in that I've been trying to mail like forever. DONE! Then headed on to the library. We were there for a bit over an hr. Not bad. AND found lots of books for dd S. The last Mon we hardly found anything so I had to put many books on hold for her.

Got out books and such, then headed to pick up lunch. Arrived home around 1 and relaxed. 2pm we were headed out the door, with our neighbor following us. This is a Walmart that I don't normally go to, but they had this last set of furniture available, so we took it. Finally arrived after me getting a bit lost lol. No biggie. Finally got someone to help take apart the table. They had thrown the box out, so they just put the pieces into his truck. This process took over 30 min. What patience this man had. I was very grateful. Tried paying him for his services, but he wouldn't take it. I will just have to bake some homemade bread for him instead.

The rest of the afternoon we just rested. The girls tried going into the pool, but that only last 15 min. They just weren't in the mood. They ended up just sitting around for a bit. I finally suggested to dd S that she draw with the side walk chalk so we did. Dd N watched a bit of a video, but then eventually got bored. Around 5 I contacted my friend, who has been hanging out with us, and arranged to pick her up at her home after work. We then left for Walmart(a closer one) to pick up some last min items. Told her I had promised the girls chicken for dinner, but wasn't in the mood to drive that far for the KFC. She told me about a place just down the road that makes really good chicken. A bit pricey, but lots of chicken, and the girls liked it.

By this time it's 8:30 and we're just chatting about life. I finally realize that I haven't watered the garden or flowers like dh asked, if we didn't get any rain. So we go out and do that while still chatting. I also show off my new table and chairs. She likes! We then head back inside to TRY and look up some stuff, but dd S is really showing how tired she is, so we decide to take friend home. It's now 9:30pm. After taking friend home, I get the girls their chocolate milk. They then watch a bit of a video, then dd S gets put to bed. Dd N is staying up with me to spend time with me. Silly girl. Finally 11pm comes and I'm ready. Good night all!


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