Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm coming up blank

I came up blank with a title, even though things happened. Guess I'm tired. :)

Yesterday was our "free day" so to speak. That means that dd N and I take dh to work while ds R stays home with the sleeping dd S. It's also the day that ds volunteers at the library in the mornings, so just before I get back home, ds needs to shower. Anyway, he showers, the girls and I take him to the library and then we return to start our moning. We eat breakfast, then I showered while the girls read some books. Dd S still needed some time on her reading program list, so dd N helped her out.

They played both inside and out for a bit. Then around noon ds calls to have us pick him up. We arrive with the girls papers so he can sign them out. They are now finished with the program. Ds then lets the girls color a butterfly. Dd S is so into coloring it that she takes quite a while, so I have ds watch her while I go check to see if there's any decent DVD's left.

Once we're done we head home to finish our lunch. It's park day and today we're going. Last Wed I was watching my friend's children for the day, so we were unable to go. Anyway, we head to the park to find some friends already there. We chat for a bit before others come also. Pretty soon we have 6 or 8 moms there, some which we haven't seen in a while. It was a nice visit and several of the ladies are cleaning out their books and such and giving stuff away. I shouldn't be going through it, but there have been good stories that dd S likes and a few that dd N likes.

While at the park, I was discussing with one of the moms, who they were inviting to her dd's birthday party. Seems we've both planned on the same day and same time, just different activities. Unfortunately, she has already sent out her invites, so we're having to change our day since most of the girls dd N is inviting, are going to this girls party. Now I remember why we like family parties instead of friend parties. Much easier to work with.

Around 3pm most of the moms are gone, so the 3 of us that are left, decide we have things to do, so we leave. I head home with the girls and call ds to let him know we're headed home. I ask if he has done the chores his dad asked. He has, so today he needs to clean out the tent and the tarp they used at scout camp. He's done it before, so not really a big deal, it just needs to be done.

By 4:30 we head out to pick up dh from work, head home and eat dinner. Dh and ds have hometeaching to do. They have a new family for their route, although it's really not a new family, just someone different on their route. The girls and I draw on the driveway with chalk. I also make a phone call to a friend about dd's birthday party. This is someone from church, and I haven't heard from them whether the date is good. She's not sure, and will also ask/tell another church friend to look at her emails. This is becoming a pain, and if it weren't for the fact that she'll be 12 for this birthday, we wouldn't be doing this. ::sigh::

Dh and ds come home from hometeaching. I then call one of our neighbors down the street who asked us last week if we'd help out with the block party. So I called to say yes. Got the kids ready to settle for the evening with video and snack. Later on, while upstairs, dd S hears dh's phone go off. We bring it down and it ends up being a long evening phone call. From 9pm-1:30am. I get the kids ready for bed, then after it's apparent dh will be up for a bit, I head to bed. He does eventually come to bed around 1:30am. Poor guy still has to work today, so I guess he's sleeping in a bit. Don't blame him at all.


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