Friday, July 25, 2008


I guess this is the right title for the blog today. On Mon I had told the kids that starting on Tues, we would be back to regular school for the mornings. Tues was ok, but had hard time with dd N doing her stuff. She basically just wants to play all day. I finally got her to do some stuff, but not much. So anyway, yesterday we got a late start due to dh had a late night previous, so he slept in for a bit. Then he got up around 8 and did his normal breakfast routine. So I'm thinking, this is fine we'll just start around 9. Well things happened and we didn't start until 10. Oh well, life has happens so we just have to go on.

So dh leaves around 9:30 for a meeting he has at 10. The kids and I were going to start at 9:45, but dd S was watching a show and was in the middle of it. So I decided we'd just start at 10. To make a long morning schedule short, we probably shouldn't have done any school, or at least not worried too much. Ds R did his stuff, but by the time I got out of the shower(got in at 11) and tried to get both my dd's to do stuff, it was almost 12. I'm even tempted to let today go, but probably not. Trying to get the kids back into it. We'll see.

After lunch, I sent ds out to watch dd S while dd N and I went over to a neighbor to get some stamps for dd N's party invites. We got back to see ds bringing some stuff I haven't seen in a looong time. It was fun to see all the things we have had, but haven't seen for yrs. They found the stuffed Bugs Bunny that dh won 9yrs ago at 6 Flags theme park. That was back when ds and dd N were in public school. It was their last yr.

He also found a few other odds and ends which the rest of the kids thought were neat. Dd N found a pair of my old tennis shoes that I can't wear anymore. Well, maybe could, but she was so excited about them, I just said "they're yours". lol

The main reason ds and dd S were outside was to clean up the camping stuff that was airing out. Ds had set up the tent to air out from the rain they had received. The tarp also needed airing out. Eventually he swept them all out again and got them put away.

The rest of the day was rather boring. Same ole same ole. Dinner, playing and such. Dh has a Elder's Quorum meeting that evening so he was off to that for a few hrs. Ds and I had a rather lengthy conversation about what he'd like to do to make money(when he turns 16) at various business around town. This conversation turned into what he really wants to do with computers in order to make money. He's got lots of ideas, just needs to narrow them down.

Evening time comes and bedtime. Dd S has become rather hard to put down for bed lately. I think it might have to do with still wanting to play since it's still somewhat light outside. I've told her that all her friends are in bed sleeping and pretty soon our household will turn out lights and it will be dark. I also told her that her body gets tired after awhile and needs a break or it will get very whiney. Pretty much none of this talking to her works, I just have to learn to ignore her wiggling until she realizes mom is not playing her game. She eventually falls asleep, but not before mom snoozes a bit lol.


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