Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hard time getting started

Today I tried to get regular school started again after 3 weeks of camp stuff for ds and then scout camp. Yesterday I even alerted the kids that we would do school in the morning. It was like trying ot pull teeth. Ok, at least my ds did his part, so that helped. But dd N just was being obstinate, which meant that dd S was going to follow as well. I tried telling her that if she didn't settle, I would stick her in the corner for 10 min, then if she was still being obstinate, 10 more min. She finally settled enough to read to dd S for 15 min so she could hopefully complete the reading program. Then we sat down and reviewed the times tables. She does remember them, so that's good. By this time it's 11:15 and most of the morning is gone. By 11:30 I told the kids we would listen to a history CD called "Story of the World". I like this, but not sure of the kids. But then again, at least dd N was listening since she did make some comments about what the story teller was telling us.

So then it was lunchtime. WHEW! Got our lunch going. Then halfway through lunch, I remembered that the corner house, near us, is selling their corn again. This stuff is goooood! So the girls and I went for a walk to collect the corn. Got home, and dd N decided to play with dd S so off they went. This meant I was able to get a few things done online.

Pretty much the rest of the day was spent going outside at times to play with dd S. Then back inside to do chores or whatever. While all this is happening, I received an email from a friend about dd birthday party. On Mon I had emailed dh about doing a friends' party for dd kind of early since a few of her friends won't be in town at her regular time. So I had emailed all the friends' mom's just to give them advance notice. One mom emailed me back stating "isn't this funny, her dd is also having a party the same day, and an hr later than ours". So today at the park, we're going to discuss if we want to combine the parties together or what. I'm hoping that will happen.

Toward early evening, if was time to get dinner ready. Of course the kids are running around wild. I normally don't mind, but dd S suddenly started screaming a very hurt scream so I went running into the frontroom to see what was going on. Dd N had sat on her(apparently not knowing this) and wasn't aware of her screaming like she was. Sometimes I really wonder about dd N and her awareness. Most of the time she does well, but sometimes she isn't in this world.

So finally get dinner started, then I realize ds R hasn't had a shower, so as I'm cuddling with dd S to calm her, I call to ds to shower. Then I get up to continue dinner. As I'm turning on the stove, I see dh pull up in the driveway. He's home a bit early, but that's ok. He then heads upstairs for a nap. He needs to take ds to church for either young men's or scouts. We never know what. Of course, neither do the leaders which is why it's done.

While they're gone, the girls and I are drawing with chalk in the driveway. Doing rainbows, ABC's and other stuff. I find myself getting really dusty as I've sat in a really colorful rainbow. My pants are really dirty lol. Eventually, we head inside after a walk, and relax for the evening while watching a video. Eventually dh and ds come home with groceries in the car. We unload, say prayer and continue watching a video until bedtime.

The last week or so, putting dd S to bed has been a real chore. She just doesn't want to stop playing. I even tried telling her that around 11pm the lights go out and no one is awake. That didn't seem to help, but I stood my ground in getting her to bed and it finally worked. A bit later, got the other two to bed. Then time for just dh and I. :)


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