Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I need a break

We've been taking care of my friend's ds, although taking care really isn't quite the right word. This boy is 15 so he really doesn't need taking care, but we've been providing him with a bed to sleep in and food to eat for the past 3 nights. My friend had unexpected emergency surgery last Sat and was told she had to stay in the hospital for at least 2 possibly 3 nights. So she asked our family to bring him in. So we did. So it looks like sometime today she'll be going home. Well let me talk about yesterday for a bit.

Got up and proceeded to start my morning. Went downstairs and saw the two boys out cold. Walked past into the school room to do my journal. Once that was done, checked on the boys. Still out cold. Dh was in the shower, so I got dressed and then woke up dd N. Told her to go into the school room with the portable DVD player so she wouldn't wake up the boys. Dh came down and we decided that we would leave dd S with the boys since she was still sleeping and dd N would come with us. So off we go and take dh to work.

We get home to find both boys having just woken up and dd S with them. They had all just woken up and we're trying to figure out where we had gone. So we proceeded to continue getting ready for the day. Had breakfast, then started getting books and other stuff ready to head to the library. Got a call from my friend at the hospital updating her ds on how things went. They had a test taken and were now awaiting the results. So I told her we would take her ds with us to the library, then lunch and then we would call to see how things were.

We got to the library and it was somewhat of a madhouse. Although not bad, but when I went to look for books for dd S, all the books she can read or attempt to read, were gone. I think we managed 6 books for her. So once we were done with the library stuff we headed out for lunch. Got that and then headed home. I called my friend and asked for any updates. Nothing yet. So I told her we would call later. My ds's friend really wanted to go see his mom, so awhile later we left for the hospital to go visit her. She looked anxious and ready to go home. Also, one of our sisters who we visit was there visiting. She we all chatted for about an hr then we left and let the boy stay with his mom for awhile. We went and picked up dh from work. Did some shopping and then headed home. No messages from my friend so a bit later on I called her room to see.

Nothing yet. Dh suggested that she page the nurse/doctor to see what was up. Apparently there were no nurses at the station so she wondered the halls for 20 min till she found one. They paged the dr who said the results were in her files but no one thought to find them. So we find out that in the morning she will have one final thing done and then she will insist on going home. So sometime later today hopefully we'll be taking her and her ds home.
Right now I'm sitting here not quite awake, but somehow able to relay these thoughts. Hmm :)


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