Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh, what a busy weekend

Where to start. Guess from the beginning. Last Fri morning a good friend, and my visiting teaching companion called me and said she wasn't feeling well. She was telling me this because we had arranged for her to visit one of our sisters that evening. So I said, "rest, and I'll reschedule". So I call and leave a message to reschedule.

The rest of our day is just relaxing and cleaning up the house a bit. Dh and I are celebrating our 20th a bit late. We did a family celebration on the Mon before our anni., but dh wanted to celebrate on our own. So anyway, we have a young couple, who has babysat before, coming to watch the girls. Finally it's evening and they get here. It's 7:20 and we're both starving. We get to our dinner place around 7:30, check in and are told our table will shortly be ready. Finally 30 min later, dh tells them we're still waiting. OOOps they say, we passed over your name. So 2 min later they call us. They get our seating arrangements mixed up so after getting that straightened up, we finally are able to order.

Dinner was good, but wow the place was noisy. You could barely hear each other. Thank goodness the food was good or we would probably have walked out. We did manage to stuff ourselves so that was good. We also brough home food for me to have for lunch the next day. lol We finished eating at 9:30 pm. Then dh asks me what now? I say a walk is in order, so we stop at a local park that has several walking paths. It was a nice walk with just a few bugs. We finally wound our way back to the car after 20 min of walking. Then dh takes us downtown where the river is. We take a walk there (10pm) and see that there are several groups of people who are fishing in the river. 1 group has even caught 3 2ft fish. Nice catch.

We finally head home and get there around 10:30 pm. S is in bed but N is still up. :) Not a problem. We chat for a bit then babysitters head home. I put N to bed and then dh and I have our time. Very nice ending to a nice day.

Sat morning comes and I'm relaxing with S while she drinks her chocolate milk around 7:30. She then falls back to sleep for a bit. 8:30 she starts waking up. 8:45 I get a call from my friend who called Fri morning. She is not as sick, but still feels ick and could I take her to the Urgent care. Ok, so dh watched the girls while I'm gone. Poor thing just looks terrible. So I drop her and her ds at the hospital with instructions to call me when ready. We wait and wait. It's now 12 and ds R has called that he's back home from the youth conference and ready to be picked up. So dh leaves for that and I tell him I'll call him if my friend calls me.

They get back and still no call. Finally around 2pm she calls and is very upset. Her doctor tells her she has kidney stones and needs to be operated on NOW! She then tells me she's supposed to stay overnght twice and would it be possible for her ds to come to our home for the night. I talk with dh and sure he can stay. The day goes on and he calls to tell us she came out of surgery fine and now waiting for her to wake up in recovery room. When she's a wake he calls to let us know. We ask him when he would like to come to our place. He says he wants to visit with his mom for awhile so he'll call. Dh had some church work so we narrow it down to 8:30 that dh and R will pick him up.

It's now 9 and dh and R have picked up df's son. After getting things settledd, I head the kids up to brush teeth. R heads back to entertain friend. N finishes her teeth and heads down on the couch to read. S is getting ready to sleep. Finally around 10:30 we tell the kids bedtime. I put N to bed then we get the boys settled for the night. We let them snack and watch quiet videos for awhile. The end up staying up till midnight.

Next morning we rearrange our schedule so that ds's friend can shower before dh takes him up to the hospital to stay with his mom. The rest of us get ready for church. Church is fine. Dh and I have been requested to attend this geneology class for 8 weeks. Not something I'm really into right now, but maybe I'll learn something. When classtime ends I end to primary to sub for one of the teachers. I only have 3 children and the extra teacher is sitting with the class so I head to the classroom to get room ready. They finally arrive 10 min into teaching time. That's fine. After class the assistant teacher takes the kids back to closing exercises, so I'm free to head to the adult class. Well considering it's almost over I decide to head to the foyer just to relax.

Once church is over I head over to do a quick visit teach with one of my sisters. Once I'm finished I'm caught in the hallway by my new visiting teacher. She's very nice. Her companion is interesting so we'll see how this goes. After that dh tells me that our visitor finally has a companion to do hometeaching. That's great and it's someone the boy knows and respects. This man is heading over to the hospital after he drops his wife and mom at home. We get home and wait for young man so we can eat. Around 6pm he's brought over and told that he'll be hometeaching that evening around 8 so he can relax for dinner. Around 8 the boy heads out with his new companion while we settle for the evening. They get back around 9ish so we have prayer and then S heads to bed. I let N stay up downstairs to read. Ds and friend are on the computer for a bit.

Dh and I are finally ready to head to bed so we give dh and friend same basic instructions, stay out of trouble, keep tv down, and be nice. :p So we head to bed. Long weekend. This morning sometime my friend will be getting tests done for her kidney to see how that is doing. It's a possiblity she may have to have them out which means more hospital time. We may have to share her son with some other families. We'll see. In the meantime, we'll be taking him on our normal morning routine of visiting the library and then lunch. After lunch we'll call his mom to see how things are. Hoping for a happy answer for all. We'll see.


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