Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to normal

Well, my friend was able to check out of the hospital yesterday afternoon FREE!!! She was soooo glad to get out of there. I think her ds was glad she's home since they are very close. It started yesterday morning when dd N and I took dh to work. Both boys were finally awake but dd S was still asleep. So we told them to watch for her when she woke up. We then took dh to work and back home. Dd S had just woken up. As soon as I walked in the boys told me they had heard from my friend. She had had her 2 extra blood tests and was now waiting on the results. We figured they were done at 7, results by 9 or 9:30. 10:00 comes and nothing, 10:30 etc.. Finally, she gets hold the nurse in the hallway and asks for something. The nurse says she will page the dr every 15 min until she gets a response. Finally did around 11:30 and SHE CAN GO HOME!!

So her ds and I left my kids home and went to the hospital to pick her up around noon. But of course, it doesn't always go smoothly. I waited in the car outside the drop off/pick up point while her ds went inside to get her. Nothing, so he comes out and says I'm going to try her room, so off her goes. Comes back, she's not there and apparently has gone home with a friend. Hey! I'm the friend. So I tell him to get in and we'll park somewhere and go find her.
We get inside and ask the ladies at the desk where we might find this patient. They tell us there is a different MAIN pick up spot on the other end of the hospital. So her ds and I walk to the other side just in time to see her coming inside to head to the bathroom.

Hallelujah!! So after she's done, we head to the car. I give her the option of coming over now and getting her laundry done and lunch, or going home and waiting a bit, then coming over later. She looks at her ds who really wants to go back to our place and play this computer game again. So we opt to stop quickly at their place for laundry, then off to our place.

We visited for 2 hrs while their laundry was being done. Nice chat. I'm so glad she's feeling well. I have to admit, I was really ready for him to go home. He's a nice boy, but has some characteristics I'm not thrilled with. Nothing bad, but just things that are annoying. But he was well behaved and I'm glad for that. So around 3:45 I too them both home and returned home myself. Got dinner started since ds's scout class would be meeting at the local swimming pond rather than at the church. We then headed to pick up dh. Got home, ate dinner and then dh and ds R left for the swimming. The girls and I just relaxed at home and enjoyed the quiet evening.
While outside, dd S decided to make a lovely chalk drawing which enveloped her in the process, thus making very much needed to take a bath. So around 7:15 we headed inside to take a bath. Just before she was done the guys returned home. Ds has now completely passed off his swimming merit badge. Wonderful! So now he just has 3 more to do with only 1 on each one to complete. But he also has some extra stuff to do on some classes he's taking at scout camp, so I'm not going to push these others unti he comes back.

So now that we're back to just our family, the house is a bit quieter and bedtime is an hr earlier. We're all tired both physically(ds from staying up too late most nights) and emotionally for me(not sure when she would be released and how she was). Put dd S to bed and she pretty much was out. Dd N and ds R stayed up to read, but went to bed early as well. So it's just dh and I up, but heading to bed real soon ourselves. Good night!


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