Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to normal

Well, it's back to regular routine now. And I think we were ready for this. Last week with the guys at scout camp, it was just us girls. We had fun, shoping several times(probably more than we should have lol) and stayed up late. But I needed my guys back home after 8 days. Apparently they were glad as well. It apparently rained a lot, or at least what rain they had stayed on the leaves in the treetops and everytime the wind blew the water that was left, fell on them. lol So now they're back safe and sound. Lots of stories on both sides to tell about, but another time.

Yesterday was back to the library. This yr, due to gas prices($4.00 per gal or higher everywhere) and thus affecting any type of traveling, the library has been very busy. Several weeks ago we visited the library on our normal day and I think we found 3 books for dd S. ALL of the books she is able to read, were gone. So we settled for what we got. We then went back on the Wed when ds R volunteers, and found several more. So this meant that momma had to put some books on hold so dd S would have som next time.

Anyway, this time the library was still busy, but we managed to get enough good books for dd S. Ds R didn't want any books since he still had many from 2 weeks ago and hadn't read those yet due to scout camp. Dd N had plenty, so we headed to the check out, which lately has been somewhat busy as well. When it came our turn, we sat and proceeded to get them checked out. As we finished one of the kids' card, a young father and his small dd came up waiting. They only had 5 to books and a DVD so I let them in for a few min. Turns out he's never used this system, so I was able to assit him in checking out ths books and such. Dd N kept cheering me on(like I this was necessary lol) in helping him. Kind of embarrasing, but still nice that she was being good. After the man was done, we continued with our check outs.

Then headed to get lunch and relax at home. After a bit, I reminded ds R that his dad wanted him to unload the rest of the buckets from camp and put stuff away. Lots of fun. I told him it could take him 15 min or longer depending on how eager he was to get it done. Amazing how a kid can get side tracked over putting stuff away from camp. Ended up taking him almost an hr to put the stuff away. There were 4 10 gal containers about 1/4 full, and it still took him that long lol. Finally got it done so it was computer time for him. I went outside and helped dd S draw chalk drawings.

After a bit, dh called to have us come get him. Due to a very early phone call(4 a.m.) for an hr, he was trying to get off work early. Anyway, we left to get him a bit after 4, but once we arrived and were sitting for 10 min I decided to call and let him know we were there. Turns out he was just getting ready to leave when the phone call he had been waiting on all day, finally happened. Told him not a problem. He had a job to do.

We then headed to the grocery store to pick up some milk. My milk drinker was home now so it was time to fill up the fridge again. We go through about 7 to 8 gal a week. Yes, you read that right 8 Gal. Thank goodness milk prices are falling because we were spending tons a week just on milk. After getting our food we left for home. Dinner was whatever you wanted AS LONG as it was healthy. I cuddled with dh for a bit. I don't get to do that often since dd S seems to think that mom has to be at her beck and call. Thankfully dd N was willing to play with her for awhile.
Dinner time comes and the kids start getting hungry. So I get up and start helping the girls get their stuff. then later on we head out and do some drawings on the sidewalk. You know, for someone who really doesn't like drawing, it was fun. I have drawn about 20 hop scotch drawings(rain keeps erasing them lol). Then a few attempts at drawing Mikey Mouse. NOT looking too good, so dd S shows me her version. Actually looked better than mine lol.

Later on, it was time for FHE(family home evening) for a bit. We've been reading out of a church book which talks about how the world was started and why. Dh has the 2 older kids reading mostly, but lately dd S has been wanting to help read, and for a 4 1/2 yr old, she reads pretty good. Dh was impressed. So we finished with that, grabbed refreshments and headed out the door to draw more. I was in the mood to draw a house with flowers and a tree. Both girls choose to do the same, but in their own interpitation of what their houses would look like. Very colorful, but good imaginations.

Finally bedtime, so inside to settle and videos to watch. 9pm comes and time to head upstairs for bed. Brush teeth, say prayers, but dd S decides she wants to argue with mom. Now a reminder this is my 4 yr dd who is doing this. She wants to ALWAYS be first in saying her prayer, then dd N. I told her we would need to take turns. She was not happy, so corner time took place. Finally, after several attempts at various forms of disciline, we finally got her prayer done and into bed. I notice when she's really tired, she will fight me a bit harder. She HATES to got to sleep. I guess she doesn't want to miss anything. I've tried reassuring her that pretty soon all the lights go out and nothing in our household is happening. Not sure I've convinced her, but she does eventually fall asleep. And I'm exhausted!


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