Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

I'm not going to make too much of a post today. I'll save that for next Mon. But I did want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Notice I didn't say Happy 4th of July. My thought is, every country has a 4th of July. What we're celebrating is Independence from England over 200 yrs ago. Of, course we're now friends with England, but waaaay back in history we were not. So anyway, I also wanted to thank ALL the soldiers, past present, and future soldiers for helping to keep this country free. Because if you really WANT to know, "freedom isn't really free to those who serve us". (author unknown). So thanks to all of you military who go away from your families for months, and yrs at a time to help keep us free. And thanks to your families for supporting you in doing so. WE LOVE YOU!!


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