Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to normal

Well, the celebration of Independence is over for another yr. We had a great time and a busy day. Fri morning I get up and give dd S her chocolate milk. Then she naps. A little while later dh wakes up and gets ready for the morning. He has to make sure that the park is secure for our ward activity. After he's done I shower and then we head over to the park and drop off dh for a bit. We go home and have dd N and ds R both shower before we head back over. Dh has asked me to bring over some stuff, so I make sure we have it. My goal is to get there a bit early so the dd S can enjoy the slides and such before the crowd comes. However, we don't even leave until 1 and that's when the party is.

So we get to the park and it's still pretty deserted. 3 other people are there, 1 who is the ward activities person, someone from the Relief Society, and just another sister who came early. So I sent the kids out to play for a bit. 1:15 the crowd comes. Wow that is early. In past yrs we haven't had hardly anyone show up until 1:30. At 1:30 we have a flag ceremony which we've not done in the past, but I liked considering the holiday. Then we were free to serve lunch. Lots of good stuff.

This is one holiday(besides Christmas and Easter)that I really go all out for. I mean, if it weren't for this holiday we celebrate, we wouldn't be able to celebrate. This is the holiday that reminds us that over 200 yrs ago some very tired and frustrated people wanted to be free to worship their way and now how the controlling government wanted them to. So a lot of them sailed from England and other places and sought refuge at America's soil. I'm very thankful(even though I don't always act it) for our forefathes and their extreme sacrifice they made. Most that signed the declaration died with the british soldiers hounding them. Most died with heartache and loneliness due to families being torn apart and other sad situations. It frustrates me today when most people really don't think about why we celebrate this holiday. Just another day to take off and party. I do see, little by little, groups here and there trying to help the rest of us remember. Hopefully someday we can all appreciate the extreme sacrifice made, and tell our forefathers, "thank you".

The rest of our day was eating and playing at the park. We didn't leave until almost 5. The kids were tired from the hot sun, but had lots of fun. We head home to relax and rest for awhile. Dd S wants to play outside since she didn't do a lot of playing. So I head out with her and watch while she draws with chalk and rides her bike.

Eventually evening comes and we all prepare to go to the fireworks. Dd S is not thrilled, but I told her she could plug her ears and watch. We actually got there about 10 min before they would start, which was a good thing. That way we didn't have to wait so long. They were beautiful and pretty much started on time. Unusual for our town. Once they were over we proceeded to head home with the rest of the crowd. Thank goodness dh knows where he's going so we just follow him. Finally arrive at home around 10:30 and once I get dd S settled it's 11pm. We're all tired and head to bed.

Sat comes and because dh is on call, we can't go anywhere like shopping so we reserve the day for just relaxing. I get up around 8 and head downstairs. I'm really not wanting to sleep in much longer. I feel the day goes by too fast and then I waste it. Pretty soon dd S comes down wanting her chocolate milk. I cuddle with her while she's drinking, because she was up so late, she proceeds to fall back to sleep. Everyone else is also sleeping, even my early bird ds. Eventually dd S wakes and we cuddle. Around 9:10 am my friend, who called me last Sat to head to the hospital, calls again. Only this time it's just to pick up some money and a car. Her car is not working but she doesn't have the money for a new one. So awhile later, I get the other two kids up(her phone call wakes up dh) and then I shower. I take the girls with me so they won't drive dh nuts lol. It's a good thing because we were gone an hr. The rest of the day we just goofing off.

Sun we got ready for church. Thankfully I didn't have any assignments so I was able to just attend church and relax. Although one sister did ask me to teach primary next week, but because I'm doing a geneology class(assigned by the bishop) I'm unable to help her. My friend, who called on Sat, shows up with her son. They've had a hard time with being active due to car issues, health issues, and other stuff, so it was nice to see them come. Although after sacrament they left due to her kidney stones moving downward. It's a good thing, but painful at times.

After church we find no meetings for dh so we head home for dinner. I'm starved since the last thing I had was breakfast and here it is dinner. I had eaten some homemade bread that morning and it kept me full most of the day. So come dinner time I'm hungry. After eating I tried relaxing but dd S was wanting some company and the other two were ignoring her. Se we went for a walk, then she played with legos for a bit. Finally it was time to settle for the night. But as the day had worn on, the weather became muggy so bedtime was rough. I ended up letting dd S just come downstairs where it was a bit cooler. She finally dozed off around 10 as did I. Dd N and dh finally had to wake me so I could put the kids to bed lol. We all went to bed sticky. hee hee


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