Thursday, July 3, 2008

Afternoon thunderstorms

We all had a nice day yesterday. It started out with ds R staying home with dd S while dh, dd N and I took dh to work. Ds R volunteers at the library on Wed so he needed to have breakfast and shower before we took him at 9am. So as dd N and I are almost home, I call ds R to tell him to go shower. As we get home and drive up in the driveway, dd S sees us from in the house and is coming to greet us. She has fallen back to sleep after waking up for her chocolate milk. So we come into the house to see her coming around the corner to say hello. lol Too cute. I have the 2 girls go get dressed. Ds gets out and we take him to the library.

Once we're home the sun is shining and since dh requested that I clean the windshield, I do so. I clean both inside and out. Then I vacuum with dd S helping. As we're cleaning the car, the sky starts to turn very cloudy. The weather forecast was for thunderstorms, so I'm hoping they wait until I'm done. They do. After I'm done with the car, dd S and I enjoy the nice temp for abit. Pretty soon we hear some loud rumbling thunder so we head inside. Within 10 min it's pouring. The radar shows a 10 min storm over us. I look at the clock since soon we'll have to get ds R from library. Looks like the storm will end just as it's time to pick him up.

So we finally head over, after he calls us, and I told the girls they could pick up some DVD's and some extra books for dd S. Thankfully we found about 20 so that will help in obtaining the reading program goal. We then headed home to face some more small thunderstorms. Dd N was very disappointed that we were not going to make park day. I tried to explain that no one else would be there, but she kept stating that she would then play with dd S then like she did the last time no one showed. I said that last time that no one showed up, it wasn't raining just very cloudy. I told her today it WAS raining so we weren't going. She finally settled and watched a movie.

The rest of the day was just regular. Heading out when the storms had a break. Got dinner started then eventually dh called and we headed out to get him. Returned home and continued with dinner preparations. Dh fell asleep so we all ate quietly and then headed outside to get more energy out lol.By this time most of the storms had already passed and the occassional rain fall was left. The rest of the evening was the normal kids to bed and then dh and I relaxing. Good night all.


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