Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy, but good day

Yesterday was nice. The girls had gone to bed late, so they were really tired. Dd S didn't wake until almost 8:30. Very unusual for her not to wake until then. Most mornings it's 7 or 7:30. She does usually go back to sleep, but she likes to wake for her chocolate milk. So when she ended up sleeping later, I was surprised. Guess the late nights are catching up.

We did our normal morning routine, then close to lunch we started straightening up the frontroom. Dd N had her soon-to-be young women's leader coming to introduce herself to us. She was here for almost 45 min. I think she might have been here longer, but her 4 yr ds was quite a handful. Good boy, just had lots of energy. So after they left, we continued doing l lunch stuff. Dd had her day camp this day and it would start around 3 and go till 8. Full afternoon of activities. Around 2:30 we started getting ready for this. Left for the church and arrived at 3. Dd S and I stayed for a bit to see what their plans were. Pretty much sticking at the church due to really hot weather.

After a few min dd S and I left to go home. Once here she wanted to do some of her workbook, so we did. That worked for about 30 min then I encouraged her to go outside and play in the pool. She liked the idea, but once out there, realized she would be the only one and wasn't happy about that. So back inside we came. We goofed around bit, then watched a video. She read off and on as well while watching. Around 5:30 I call my friend who I'm going to be taking to the church with us, to see if she's home. She was still in her carpool driving home. Arranged to pick her up in 10 min.

Got ourselves ready to get my friend. Arrived just in time. Headed back home to fix our picnic dinner and head back to church to meet dd N. Had a nice dinner and chat with others. I also had my signing class, but had told the sisters I would be abit late due to the picnic. After the picnic, the girls still had some other stuff to do, so I took dd S with me(friend had another assignment to do) and did our class. Afterwards, dd N was done and friend was done. It was 8:30 so time to head home. Took friend home and then arrive home ourselves. Got dd S ready for bed and in bed by almost 10. Stayed up a bit with dd N, but by 10:30 she was really tired as was I. So off to bed. Need to get up early to watch another friend's children for the day. Good night.


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