Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another busy day

A few days ago I received a phone call from a friend asking if I could watch her kids one day while she's away at girls' camp. I said sure, and I don't mind, but it sure was hard keeping them occupied from 7am till 6pm. That is until they saw the game boy and the computers. Let me start my day.

Woke up at 6 to find my youngest dd S at my bedside with a very sad look on her face. Bad dream I suspect. Anyway, she was wanting mommy to get up and get her some chocolate milk. So this meant I wouldn't be able to shower first thing before the kids came. Oh well, gave her some chocolate milk and she fell back to sleep. I then wait for our friends to arrive. 7am they come some what tired. So I let them choose something to watch for a bit. Around 8 the little boy starts to get restless and wants something else to do. I keep telling him that the girl's will be up later so be patent. Finally 8:30 and dd S wakes up. Around 8:45 I go up and get dd N and tell her that her friends are here. She wakes happily.

The kids are great over all. I try and get them outside right away because the temps are supposed to be hot and humid in the 90's. Eventually around 10am they decide the pool sounds good so they all get ready. The are having a great time, but the boy really wants to go back in and play the game boy he found. I tell him in time he can. Around 11:30 the mosquitoes are starting to be a pain, so we all head in and get ready for lunch.

Around 1pm I'm thinking my friend might stop by to help transport us to the park. But then again I'm thinking it might be waaay too warm. She never shows and I don't bother her. Really no reason since I'm pretty sure she's not wanting to spend time outside. Especially being pregnant.

After lunch I let the kids take turns doing the game boy and computer. But I also find that I'm trying to find other things for them to do. It turns out that some of the like to draw, so out comes the paper, crayons and pencils. That works for about 30 min. Pretty much the rest of the day was spent keeping them occupied. We did do one more time in the pool just before a brief thunderstorm hit. Dark, dark clouds that resulted in only 5 min worth of wetting my cement driveway.

Around 6pm their dad showed up and they left. I encouraged the kids to bring over stuff from their house that they like to do like videos, dvd's books or toys. The little boy told me he just likes playing the game boy. We'll see how that goes.

I then head over and pick up my friend and we head over to a local grocery store for more fruit. The kids have eaten it all. We then come home and chat for a bit before taking her back home. In the meantime, dh has called to say hi to the girls. He's a bit, not happy, that my friend has been to our home most of the week, so I tell her that we're going to give her a break for the next few days and let her stay home. She grins. So after the kids leave to day, we'll just have the rest of the day to ourselves. Staying home and relaxing. Tomorrow it's deep cleaning time. I'm missing the guys and am anxious for them to come home now. We're pretty much done with our girl stuff and are now just counting the days. lol


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