Monday, July 21, 2008

My guys are back

A lot has happened in the last few days, but I'll start with Fri first. This was the day before the guys would be home, so I told the girls we need to clean up. Their part of cleaning was only bits and pieces. Mine was pretty much everything else. I won't go into detail on the cleaning part because it's rather boring. But as the day went on, I realized I had forgotten to buy ds R his belt for Sunday, and the kids I babysat, had eaten all the fruit again so that evening I headed out to purchase the belt, some more bigger hangers and a few other odds and ends. Stopped off at the local grocery store and picked up some milk as well. Ds is a my big milk drinker, and the 2 gal we had in the fridge weren't going to last until Mon.

So Sat comes and I'm doing last min straightening. Not sure why I'm trying to get everything spic and span clean because the guys aren't really going to notice it. Plus they'll just make a mess of their own once they get in. Anyway, I invited my friend, who's ds is also at camp, to come over and wait. Shortly after lunch I get an email from dh stating they're 1 1/2 hrs from home. So we start getting ourselves ready to pick them up.

We arrive at the scout master's house at 1, only to realize that they didn't get their until 1:30. So once they got things organized, I was told that the guy who brought dh and ds home was going to bring their stuff home. So, I more or less, drove all that way for nothing. Well I wouldn't say nothing. At least the girls got to see their dad and brother sooner.

The rest of the afternoon passed with the guys just unloading, unpacking dirty clothes and just overall trying to get back to reality. Dh snoozed for a bit on the floor after giving him a back rub. After sleeping on the air mattresses and dealing with all the rain and gook for 8 days, he was tired. Eventually bedtime came and one by one the kids went to bed and so did dh and I. Long day, but they're home.

Sunday came and I woke up at 7. Went downstairs to finalize the ward program with a photo of pioneers. With it being pioneer day this Thurs, I wanted to have a remembrance of them for church. Found a photo and got it ready. In the meantime, the family is slowly getting up. Dh is still tired, but needs to get up and get ready for his meeting before church. Ds doesn't wake until 9:30. Very unusual for him, except lately. But then he's been very busy lately and done lots of physical activity, so he's very tired.

So we're getting ourselves ready to get dressed, at least those who still need to, and dd S wants her chocolate milk. So still in pajamas we go in to get it ready. As I'm pouring the milk, she decides she wants a sip so I let her have the container while I get the chocolate. Next thing I know, I'm turning around and she has missed the cupboard with the container and the milk has spilled all over her head. lol What a mess. So now I need to rewash her hair 5 min before we leave. Luckily she was still in her pajamas so we didn't have to change clothes. So ran upstairs and quickly washed and dried her hair. Got her dressed and finally out the door.

The rest of Sun was just church then home and dinner. After dinner, I had dd S go for a walk with me. Nice walk, and we bumped into one of our neighbors who also goes for walks most evenings. Said hi then continued on our walk. The air was muggy but bearable. We kept the air on to keep the moisture out of the house. The temp outside isn't too bad, but it would be icky inside.

Eventually it's bedtime so one by one again we get the kids ready for bed. However, getting dd S to bed was a bit of a trial. Due to not much physical activity, she wasn't ready for bed. So after 20 min of her constant wiggles, I had her got downstairs on the couch and cuddle with me. We watched a boring show which eventually put her to sleep. Then had ds come down and take her up. I shouldn't carry her, much less up the stairs due to a bad back. But thankfully she finally fell asleep. Now it's quiet time for dh and I. So glad they're home.


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