Friday, July 18, 2008

Last day of babysitting

Yesterday was my last day of watching my friend's children. And even though they were really good, I just need the break. I felt like I couldn't just do what I needed to do. The kids arrived at 7am. The day before I had asked them to bring some of their own things they like to do at their home. They did. They brought 3 movies, some toys and a few books. But they still wanted to play with the dd N's game boy. When they first arrived I told them to watch a movie or something for a bit. I didn't want them playing it all day long. Finally around 7:30 I decided to check on my girls. I found dd S in my room trying to wake up dd N to see where mom was. I told dd S that I was downstairs where I'm usually at. I told dd N she could either go back to sleep since she didn't go to sleep the night before until 11:40. But she decided to be nice and entertain the guests.

The morning went rather well. Around 8:30 I had the kids go outside and draw on the side walk while the weather was bearable. It's been in the low 90's with probably 70% humidity. That lasted about 30 min. They then wanted to go inside and play the gameboy. I said that would be fine. So out came the timer since 2, and sometimes 3 of them wanted to play. I'd have to say they were really good about taking turns. When they weren't playing the game boy, they were online. Around 10 I had them go out and play in the pool. It was about 80 or so by that time. That lasted about 45 or 50 min.

When they came in, I had prepared a stamping activity for them. I had about 30 or 40 cute little stamps that they could use to decorate papers. This last 30 min before they headed back to the computers and game boy lol. While all this was happening, I was fixing lunch. Wow, what an ordeal. With just my 3 kids, I usually only have to take care of my littlest one. The other two fix their own stuff. With 5 kids, I had actually plan stuff since I couldn't just let them raid the kitchen lol. So on Wed we had ham sandwhiches, mac n cheese and fruit. This day we had homemade chicken nuggest, mac n cheese, and fruit. Both days they ate me out of fruit. So I guess today I'll have to go out and get some more for when dh and ds come home tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to them coming home now. Have enjoyed the time away, but am tired and the fun shopping has been done, so we need life to return to normal. Besides, I'm sure the guys are tired as well.

Anyway, after lunch they went back to the computers. This lasted about an hr when I suggested they head back out to the pool. They really seemed fine with this activity so off they went to change. After 45 min some of them wanted back in and some didn't. I made a compromise of being able to come back out again later since this would be their last time here. They were good. So back to the computers. This was about 2pm. By 3 I said out again. They were very happy about that except the little boy. He was playing his turn at the game boy. I told him to finish up his time then head out. That seemed to help. This time out in the pool they seem to have a detective game going on and when I announced a possible stop time, they all groaned. I told them ok, never mind stay. So they stayed out another 30 min.

Around 4:30 I had them finally go in and change and then outside to draw with the chalk. I now have a very colorful driveway, at least until the next rainfall lol. While outside drawing, I saw my neighbors out walking, so I went over to say hi. I introduced who the kids were and chatted for a bit. Eventually as we were chatting, the kids wanted to go inside. So I had them go in and wash up from the chalk. After a bit, my dd S came out upset that she wasn't being included in the computer game they were playing. So I said bye to my neighbors and went inside. Besides, their dad would be here soon and we needed to clean up. After they left, my dd S informed me, in tears, that she had wanted to play WITH the kids on the computer. Unfortunately, dd N wasn't being very nice and letting her have a turn. So while dd was in tears I cuddled with her. She was tired considering this morning she didn't go back to sleep like she normally does, so she had been up since 7:30.

Later that evening dd S and I cuddled while she watched one of her videos. She struggled to stay awake, but was very tired and finally gave in and snoozed. And since we were all tired, I had dd N and I into bed around 10:30, an hr earlier than what we've been doing. During the night around 4 dd S decided to wake up and get me. I put her back to bed. About 30 min later she woke and wanted her pajamas on. When she had fallen asleep she was only in a shirt. The panties and shorts had been peed in. So I changed her and let her sleep in my bed. That was I could get more sleep, I hope. lol 3 very tired girls cuddling together.


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