Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This morning, R gets his first chance at volunteering at a community place. A few weeks ago one of the librarians walked up to us and asked R if he would be interested in helping around the library. He wasn't sure at first, but did nod his head that he would be willing. So anyway, this morning he will start at 9am. So we're going to have a busy day. First off we take dh to work around 7:30. Get home in time for R to shower then head to the library. Thankfully it's only 5 min away. The girls and I will come back home and clean up the house(dh has a church meeting tonight) and possibly vacuum. I'm also hoping to get my patio furniture, but we'll see.

Then just before noon we head back to the library and pick R up. Head home and eat lunch, then the girls and I meet at a friend's house and follow them to a park for our homeschool groups park day. We managed to find one park that wasn't flooded and that doesn't seem to have park and rec activities. After that we head home and finish any cleaning. Then around 4:30 pick up dh, eat dinner and either play outside during the meeting or watch videos. Who knows.

I'm glad the rain has stopped. The weatherman was saying a few weeks ago and that we were behind in our rain for the month. Now mind you, he did admit it was just the beginning of June. Now we have flooding. I hope he's satisfied lol. Dh says it looks like the flooding in downtown is receeding slowly. That's good because I'm tired of all the excitement of road redirection. Actually it wouldn't be all that bad if I didn't have to go anywhere. But because I really don't know our town all that well road wise, it kind of makes me nervous to drive because there is construction in some places that will dirvert you to other routes. Now that flooding that diverts you to even more places. I have a route I take and I like that route. Oh well guess life has changes we just have to deal with.

Last night was the first Tues in awhile that I didn't need to go to the church. So while dh and R took off, the girls and I stayed home and played. After a bit I told the girls mom needed a walk so we all took off with the girls on their bikes and mom walking. We only managed to get 4 houses down when a neighbor we haven't seen since last fall walked out of her backyard and said hi. So we proceeded to chat and then the husband invited the girls to go dip their feet in their pool. They were a bit hesistant until mom agreed to go with them. So up the driveway we went into their back yard. These neighbors are very nice. We met them the 2nd yr after we moved here. Very busy traveling here and there.

We chatted for almost an hr, then headed home since it was getting late. Came home and let the girls watch a video and snack till dh and R got home. The youth were pulling weeds around the church and then were getting refreshments. Afterwards dh and R apparently went to Walmart shopping. Dh could see we were running out of some snacks to he bought some more. I keep hoping he'll eventually buy my patio furniture that I've been wanting now for weeks. I'm getting frustrated because it's a very popular item and it's going fast. Most of the stores have re-ordered a few times but pretty soon they'll stop and I won't have want I want. I do realize that dh has been busy. So I guess I might just have to buy the set on my own. We'll see.


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Jess said...

ok.. so internet explorer is not letting me open your blog!! WHen I try to go to your newest post... it gives me an error message and that it is going to abort!!! What!!!!!

So if I cant comment for a few days you will know why... but I will still see your updates on my blog roll....

Hope you had a good new years hun!