Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still tired

Well, I guess I must have been tired last night. I didn't wake up once. I'm guessing the girls were also tired, Neither of them woke and came in. With all the storms we've had in the last few days, it has kept the girls awake off and on during the night lately. Thankfully, we've had a reprieve so we were all finally able to sleep through the night.

Yesterday was interesting in that, now that the storms seem to be over with, we have to deal with the after effects of the storm. FLOODING. Major flooding downtown. We got pointed in a different direction several times yesterday while the police officers were trying to keep traffic out of the downtown area. However, as you drove past some areas, you could see the once calm river, now roaring past. It was up on the street on one side of the road, and way on the other side it was on grassy area. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse or they'll have to reroute us a different way. I'm not too familiar with too many other ways in our town.

Took the kids to the library for our weekly visit. Again, thank goodness I was aware of this other route since dh has taken it quite often. So our trip was relatively uneventful. So we did our normal routine for the day. Then I received an email from dh stating he had a meeting close to the time when I would be calling, but to go ahead and call anyway. I ended up leaving a message. A bit later he calls to say he's not sure when he'll be ready. He's in between phone calls. We ended up getting him 40 min later, just as R was pouring himself some cereal (with milk lol). I had told him that if he wanted dad to call soon to just get a bowl of cereal and our the milk. Never fails that someone will call. And dh did so R quickly ate his cereal and we left.

Once we got out of town, things settled and we were able to arrive somewhat quickly at dh's work. I let dh know how things had changed over the day so we were still able to make it home in time for dh to continue with his phone calls. He's such a busy guy.

Thankfully he had a break around the time we generally do family home evening so we were able to do that for a bit. Some days family night is fun, other times it's not as much. But we always try to have it if possible. The rest of the evening was just getting the kids to bed, and then enjoying the rest of the evening of the quiet and with dh. Ahh bedtime at last lol.


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