Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy, but good day

Yesterday started out with me being somewhat nervous with driving some places due to the flooding. Well, as we were in the car taking dh to work, we neared the first intersection, we saw that the police officers were gone and many of the blockades were gone. As we continued on our route, we saw that the river had subsided some and most of the roads were now open. I started breathing a lot easier, realizing that the places I needed to go would be open to me.

So once we were done taking dh to work, we headed home to get R ready for his volunteer morning at the library. We got to the library around 8:55 and saw that there were maybe 3 cars total in the parking lot. R tried some of the doors, but they were still locked so we just sat on the steps waiting. While doing this, a young girl, who was very anxious, started grabbing at the doors almost panic like. As we looked closer, we could see one of the workers unlocking the doors. So we proceeded to go in. Once we were in we headed upstairs to see what R would be doing. He in deed would be helping at the table for the reading program. So after he got settled, the girls and I left for home.

Once we arrived home, the girls had breakfast while I showered. After that we started our morning with prayer then I let them go outside and play for a bit. Then we came in and cleaned up a bit in the house. Dh was having his Elder's Quorum Pres. meeting so we needed it to be somewhat clean. Then we had an early lunch and watched a video. Around noon we headed back to the library to pick up R. He was sitting at the table very relaxed just waiting for his replacement. So the girls and I found some computers and waited. After about 30 min I finally asked a librarian if R was able to come home. "Sure," she said, so off to home we went. Just in time to leave for the park that afternoon. We were going to be following another mother and had arranged to meet at her home and follow. We manged and got there ok.

We had a nice visit at the park. We met yet another new mom to our group. She has young children under 10 I think. She lives right across the street from the park. After about 2 hrs most of the moms stated they needed to leave, so I gave N and S 5 min warning then we would leave. I also called R to let him know we'd be home soon. He surprised us by having done the trash and recyclables so N didn't have to . Very nice of him. Guess he was feeling guilty having not done his math. lol

Once home, the girls each had snacks for a bit and then found a movie to watch. I caught up on things online and just waited for the time to call dh. 4:30 arrived and dh was ready so off we went. R caught him up on how his first day volunteering went. Better than he thought. Of course he always has a very vivid imagination and gets himself all wound up. Got home and proceeded to finish getting dinner ready. Dh's meeting started late since only 1 of the men showed up. They choose to wait for a bit, but then just got started.

While dh was having his meeting, the girls and I went outside while they played. It was nice evening but the temp was getting a bit chilly. Chatted with a neighbor who had come out bringing his trash to the curb. Hadn't really chatted with him since last yr before all the bad weather. He's a very sweet man. In his 80's and his wife also.

Left him to continue watching the girls and then decided to head in since the temp was continuing to fall a bit. Just then dh's meeting ended so we all relaxed for the evening. S went to bed better than she has been lately. I had R go in while I went down to get my drink for the night. When I came back up, he was standing waiting and S was in bed starting to fall asleep. Guess I might do that every night lol.


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