Monday, June 9, 2008

A looong weekend

Well things started out with dh and R planning on attending the father and son campout, but when dh called at 5:30 and said "this might take all night", I knoew things weren't good. I told R that they probably weren't going to be going. R actually didn't care. By the time dh got home, it was 7:30. On the phone he sounded like he was exhasuted, but once he got home, he looked better. I think just coming home helped. While he was doing work stuff, I stepped outside on the porch for a bit. It was a nice evening and I wanted to enjoy it while the kids were being good. As I was sitting on the porch, one of our neighbors drove past us to their home. Later on I see them going out for a walk. This is now 8:pm Thank goodness it's Fri evening. So when they came past our home, we chatted for a bit. Nice couple. In their mid 80's.

Bedtime came so we said prayer, then put the kids to bed. Sat morning was nice and quiet starting. I let N sleep in. I think she was glad because the other night she has stayed up till midnight and was tired. So Sat morning I'm sitting at the computer while S and R are playing around with some online game. It's now past 9 and the phone rings. I think a wireless caller that left no message. But regardless it work dh up. Thank goodness he was able to sleep in. So the morning was rather slow, but nice. The weather was in the 80's. Dh told me around 2 or so we'd go out shopping. We wanted to get back before the storm got here. We were being told some rather severe storms were headed our way. So off we went shopping for food. When we got home I let the girls go in the pool. Of course, by this time the weather has cooled off a bit, and I can see some clouds coming in. But the girls still had fun for 30 min. We then headed back inside.

About 30 or so min later the really black clouds came in and boy did we have some storms. The siren went off several times to warn of nasty weather. At one point the storm as so bad that you couldn't see outside the frontroom window. Dh was keeping an eye on the radar. Some rough spots were located away from us, but dh was still watching. Finally, after almost an hr, the storms cleared enough so we could see outside. The blue sky was even trying to peak through. I stepped out on the porch and saw our neighbor out shoveling the water that was near her home. It was on a downward slope and she was trying to keep it out of her basement. So the girls and I went over to chat for a bit. It was then that we looked down the road and saw the flooding in the road. Probably 6 to 8 inches.

The weather continued off and on like this throughout the evening. N was having a hard time going to bed, so after several attempts at settling her, I finally told her to go in the school room and lay on the couch whle dh and I worked on the computers. The storm eventually settled a bit, so I headed her up to bed. Well wouldn't you know, it would still be rumbling so I invited her in our bed. Eventually I put her back to bed and she stayed.

Sunday morning was fine. Sunshine and such. We got ourselves ready for church and then off we went. As we were driving, I was looking out the window when suddenly we hit a patch of water in the road. Probably 2 to 3 inches. Just enough to scoot water everywhere and startle me lol. We get to church and half the parking lot is in water.

Once at church we realize that some people stayed home to take care of water problems. We also found out that some of the teachers in primary were gone and so there were a lot of substitutes. Apparently a lot of the brethren. Dh got to sub for N's class. She was thrilled.
After church, we headed home to eat. R had a bishop's youth discussion at 6 so he needed to eat and then go. I was hoping it wouldn't last too long since there was reports of more bad weather. Thank goodness most of it was headed to the north west of us, but we still got enough to give us thunderstorms. N ended up back in bed with us. I did eventually wake and put her back to her own bed. Then later on S joined us, so a long interrupted sleep(or lack of). I finally woke up at 5:45 am figured might as well get up. So here I am somewhat tired and just wanting to close my eyes for a bit. Not going to happen. Surprisingly R isn't up yet. Not sure why he's so tired since he really didn't do anything active yesterday. Guess he just needs the occassional sleep in. Kind of nice to have it quiet though. :)

Today is our weekly trip to the library. Hope the weather cooperates. We really need a break, or at least I do. :)


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