Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our anni...20yrs!

Well, this morning, 20 yrs ago, dh and I were getting ready to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in Ut. WOW how the time has flown. It's amazing to literally look over the yrs and see all the things we've done. We've accomplished many things, including having 3 beautiful children. We've had rough times, but we've had many good times as well. They seem to far out weigh the bad, and that's good.

So in celebration of our anni., dh took us out last night for dinner. Our anni. is actually today, but do to schedules, we would have been rushed tonight, so dh decided last night. And then, this Fri dh is taking me out on a DATE! It's been a yr since we've been on one. In fact last yr, for our anni., we had won a dinner for 4 through the youth auction and that's what we again, did for an early anni. So today will be just a regular day, and then we'll celebrate privately on Fri. Just need to find a babysitter.

Yesterday was a regular day in that we took dh to work, and did our regular, to library stuff. Although I do have to admit, the library wasn't normal when we got there. Many families were there thus it was pretty crowded in some areas. I know the librarians love this time, but aside from the weather part, I love the school yr so that we mostly have the library to ourselves. Oh well, guess you need to have a bit of bad for the good to be worth it.

Then we came home, ate our lunch, and later on the girls decided to go swimming. They had fun and no mosquitoes this time. Last Sat when they were out, both of them got swarmed. Especially S since she went on the swingsets a lot. So Sat evening dh sprayed and that seems to have helped. Later on we went and picked up dh, swung by Walmart to pick up items including a new breadmaker. Or should I just say A breadmaker. This is our first one and we were excited to use it. We also picked up socks for both older kids since they have outgrown theirs, or in R's case they have airconditioning(holes) in them. We also picked up some nice blouses for N to wear with her skirts for church.

By the time we went to dinner, I was finally almost ready. R and I had eaten at Subway around 1 and by 6:30 I was still not quite ready for dinner, but at least I wasn't full anymore. That is until after we were done with dinner. Then we headed home and relaxed for the evening. After a few videos, we had prayer then bedtime. S didn't want to go, but she eventually did. And at least this time she didn't fight it.

I then came downstairs to sign on for a bit. Dh had fallen asleep once we got home, and was still snoozing after I put S to bed. So I woke him up so he'd have time to be online before bedtime. I then logged on to R's computer and found that one of my good friends was online. So we ended up chatting for about 40 min. I only ended it because I kept hearing dh make noises and then would sigh so I figured he was ready for bed, which he was. Well he also wanted to use the breadmaker, so we set it up and wished us luck that it would work. IT DID! Yummy!

Unfortunately, I'm still full from dinner, so I just grabbed a quick bite from my piece and have wrapped it for later on. Looking foward to when my stomach is empty. lol


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