Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's our 20th anni!!

It's Wed morning and I look outside and see clouds and possiblity of rain. Sure hope not because the girls want to go to the park. We'll see.

Yesterday we stayed home, and lately that's just fine with me. I don't mind going places, but for some reason I'm satisfied just staying at home and getting things done. R put up the tent to air it out for the day. The morning was a lazy one. I had to make a phone call at 9, so I told the kids I wanted to be mostly done by that time. So we started our devotional, then 9am I did a bit of visiting teaching, then back to listening to the scriptures online. After we were done, I told the kids I needed to shower and they needed to get stuff done. I told R to put up the tent while I was in the shower, and the girls needed to read. Well R went out to get the tent, but apparently he had tied several knots in it and was unable to loosen it. So after me trying several times, I told him to wait till after my shower then we'd try again.

While in the shower I decided that since it was already 10:30, it just didn't seem worth it to try and do book work since sometimes it would take them 30 min just to get into it. So I told the girls to at least read for awhile and R, after getting the tent up, needed to work on his scout camp requirements. They all seemed happy with that, and I was able to get some stuff done. Besides it was dh and I's 20th anni. and I really just didn't want to have to work on that day, so we didn't. :0

Pretty much the rest of the day was spent just playing, reading or splashing in the pool. R was able to set up the tent to air out. Then he worked on his merit badges for scout camp. We also did a little bit of cleaning up. The weather was nice so the girls played a lot outside. Oh I almost forgot to mention, although I'm not sure how, dh bought a nice bread maker and we used it last night. It makes really good bread. R sure loves it. Very tasty especially while still warm.

Then last night dh and R went to the church for R's Tues activity. The girls mainly played outside and then when the mosquitoes came out, we choose to come in. They snacked and watched videos till dh and R got home. Then bedtime. Ahh the quiet of the house now. :)


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