Monday, June 23, 2008

A good few days

Last Thurs, dh took R to meet at a local McD's to head out to a campout for 3 days. The main part of the campout apparently was lots of micommunication or non at all. I won't go into all the details, but sounds like, other than on Fri where the boys removed sandbags, the campout was a waste of time. Oh well, life is full of learning experiences.

In some other posts I've already indicated what we did on Thurs and Fri. Since I don't always have time on the weekends due to mostly sleeping in, I don't post then. So Sat I got up with S and got her some chocolate milk. Then she fell back to sleep and I snoozed a bit. It was a quiet morning till around 8:30, then S woke up. That was fine. So we then woke N up around 9 and found dh still sleeping, so I closed his door while getting N up. We came downstairs and just relaxed a bit. The girls had breakfast and then played quietly downstairs for a bit. Then they wanted to ride their bikes, so I told them to go ahead. The weather was nice and warm and this was at 10am.

Finally around 11 dh woke(he was tired from all the walking as the zoo on Fri) and so I showered. I then let the girls go into the pool for awhile. We don't have anything planned for most of the day since this is the day R comes home from his campout. Mostly the day was nice and quiet. The girls eventually came in complaining of too many mosquitoes. I had to agree, they were pretty nasty. S came down with about 10 of 15 on her body. N had a few, but not as many.
Around 1:30 the scout master called to say they would be home around 3:15 or so. Dh said he would leave around 3 and would take the girls if they wanted. They did lol. So at 3 they left with dh while I stayed behind to clean up stuff.

Later on, while R was showering and resting, we took off to do some much needed basic grocery shopping. Once home, we just relaxed and got ready for Sun. I had a lesson in Relief Society to teach and was trying to prepare for that. Plus, getting the ward bulletin done. Evening time came and bath for S. Then she wanted to ride her bike once last time for the weekend. Dh was outside having mowed the lawn and waiting to spray for the mosquites. So the girls only stayed out a few min before being attacked. Finally bedtime and S went down pretty well. Playing out in the pool helped in making her tired. She feel asleep pretty well.

Sun comes and I'm somewhat ok with my lesson plans. But as the time approaches to teach, I receive TONS of butterflies. But thankfully the sisters were a great help, and other than a quick reminder to speak louder, I think it turned out great. I do have a loud voice at times, but I tend to turn the volumn down at times. But the lesson went well and we ended a bit early but not bad. 5 min.

After church, spoke to a couple of friends and then headed home. As we walked out of the building, we see that is has rained AND there's still clouds. Some extra sprinkling left, but not much. I think at this time most, if not all of WI, is very tired of rain.

Got home and got dinner preparations finished. Dh and R had dinner first since they had hometeaching to do. The girls and I ate just a bit later. Good dinner. Watched a bit of tv and then bedtime. S was NOT tired. After our bedtime routine, I could see putting her to bed was going to be a challenge. I ended up letting her come downstairs and be bored watching the news. Finally 20 min later she fell asleep. I, too, was tired from dealing with her energy and a headache from the stress of teaching. Dh and I went to bed soon after and both of us crashed.

Today it's sunshiny. Hoping for a nice warm day.


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