Friday, June 27, 2008

Missing him, but have a date

Yesterday was hard. R left again for 3 days and 2 nights. I know sometimes he can be irritating with his attitude, but I sure miss him when he's gone. I can only imagine in a few more yrs when he's gone for 2 yrs how my heart is going to be aching. Thankfully I still have dh and the girls. But it's like the family is not whole when someone is gone. Guess that's how Heavenly Father intended it to be so we'd appreciate each other when we're gone. Well, it's working.

On to other stuff and happenings. After dh took R to his meeting place, the girls then decided to play for a bit while I did some computer stuff and finished my breakfast. Then we all showered and dressed for the day. We had some friends coming over who's mom is also at the same event that R is. She's one of the people in charge. Her dh was unable to take time off, so she has friends from church helping out watching her last 3 children. I was taking them the last 3 hrs of the working day since the other friend had some plans late afternoon. My daughters were thrilled.

Well to back space a bit here, We had our morning full of reading, playing, and computer time. Both girls wanted to go outside for a bit, so we did. Rode bikes, drew with chalk and just goofed around. Eventally the girls wanted to help clean up a bit. Rare moment since most times I have to get after them to clean up. Finished lunch and then did some laundry. Cleaned up a bit and then around 2:00 waited for their friends. They were a bit late due to not having my address spelled right and the map showed me in another town lol. Once she figured out how to spell it right, it showed right where we lived. So they came and the girls were just thrilled.

We asked the kids what they wanted to do... play in the pool. Wonderful! So we got them each to a changing area, and soon had all 5 kids in the bigger, but still small wading pool. They were out there for about 45 min before the mosquitoes found them. Then they choose to come in and relax for a bit. So we found some movies for them to watch while they had snacks. Between games, snacking, and watching tv we did ok in entertaining them. Eventually the 2 youngest wanted to do stuff on the computer, so I got them all settled in that. The oldest was playing games with N and that was fine. About an hr before their dad was to come, I noticed that the oldest was getting bored. So I suggested a walk around the block. They all agreed, so off we went. Took about 10 min since they were walking pretty fast. I even got a side ache and I hardly ever get those walking.

Finally it's time to get back to the house and relax till their dad gets here. The oldest child is still playing with N, the 2 youngest are on the computer, and I'm starting our dinner. Pretty soon S comes to say someone is knocking on the door. I tell them to see if it's their dad, it is, so open the door lol. He takes them home, and I finish the dinner. 5 min later dh arrives home. The girls are watching a show, but tell dad all about their exciting afternoon with friends.

The rest of the evening is watching tv, outside riding bikes, drawing with chalk, or swinging. The swinging doesn't last long due to mosquitoes. Eventually it's time to head in and settle for the evening. Bedtime and the girls are in bed sleeping. At last peace and quiet. Good day, but nice to have it done. :) Tomorrow evening dh and I are going on our first date in over a yr to celebrate our 20yrs of marriage. Looking forward to it. :)


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