Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not much happening

As I sit here this morning going over yesterday's events, I realize it was a very uneventful day. Which was very nice. No storms. We did have some dark grey clouds occassionally, but nothing came from them. We took dh to work, got home and let the kids wake up a bit(same for mom) and then started our day. We got the books all taken care of and then off to the library. As we were headed there, I quickly reminded the kids that the public school are now out, so the library will be a bit more crowded. It was at first, but then it seemed to thin out a bit. It actually wasn't too bad. The girls handed in their slips of paper for the reading program, and received new ones as well as a prize of a pencil. S really loves hers. They had a choice between pencils and a spider ring. So glad both girls choose pencils. THEY will get used. The toy would probably end up in the trash.

Once we were done at the library, R reminded me that we needed to go to Subway now for lunch. I was so hoping he would forget, but can't back down on a promise. Besides, they were really good. :) Then we headed home to eat and relax. Once lunch was over, I told the kids I HAD to get the fridge cleaned. It's DISGUSTING! So the girls and R played outside and inside while I cleaned. It wasn't too bad, but I was definitely glad to be finished.

Just before I cleaned the fridge, R said "mom, dad sent an email to both of us". So I checked and sure enough he had. He was asking R to call one of their hometeaching families and set up a time in the evening to go help clean up their basement. So R called and did.

Then it was time to get dh from work. Nothing too exciting other than S was so talkative about EVERYTHING. Even dh was doing big sighs of "my goodness" lol. We finally made it home and dh and R had a quick bite to eat, then left to go help our friends with their basement. The girls and I were outside playing. I came in to get some food, when I heard the answering machine beep. Checked on it and sure enough our neighbor across the street had just called. I tried calling back, but really coudn't read the number on our sheet. Of course, I didn't think to use our caller ID lol. So the girls and I walked across the street to see what was up. They were informing us that one of our neighbors, about 4 houses down, had been broken into. Not sure what was taken, but it's the home of an elderly lady so don't know. But they just wanted us to know.

Then we just sat and talked for over an hr. We hadn't visited with them since last fall of '07. So lots to catch up on. Sweet older couple. The lady had some things she let the girls look at while I chatted with the husband. Eventually we saw dh and R coming home, so we said our goodbyes and left. Dh and R said all was well. Things weren't too bad other than the main carpeting in their basement. But no real damage yet. Thank goodness. We then came in to settle for the night. It was a bit later than normal, but it's summer.


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